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Don’t forget to hug your kids today (Global Hug Your Kids Day)

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

July 18, 2022

Now more than ever it is important to go and hug your loved ones, especially your kids.

I know it is probably getting tiresome to hear about COVID and what it took away, but it is also very pertinent to be reminded of the importance of something like hugging your kids.

Doing something as seemingly simple as hugging your kids can mean the world to them, as it is a great reminder of how much they mean to you and how much you care about them, especially in today’s society where you have most likely not had the chance to be around them as much in the past couple of years.

Hugging is a simple act of reassuring comfort, safety and trust.” And as your kids get older and are old enough to have kids of their own, they gain an even greater understanding and appreciation of what a hug from their mom or dad means, and they start to not take it for granted anymore.

Just like we mentioned during our Hug Holiday blog post, one of the important things that hugging does is it releases a hormone called oxytocin, which helps to strengthen the bond we have with someone. This means that when you hug your kid(s), you are strengthening the bond you have with them.

Go out there and hug your kids – or if you are the kid reading this, go out there and hug your parent(s). Trust us, it will make a world of difference!


birthday balloons

Why do we celebrate birthdays every year?

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

July 19, 2022


Welcome to Pennsylvania

Yes… National Pennsylvania Day is a thing

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

July 20, 2022


birthday gift

The intriguing history of birthday gift giving

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

July 21, 2022

Why do we give birthday gifts?

For as far back as historians can find – from cavemen to Bible times – people have been giving gifts to others for all sorts of reasons. Birthday gift giving has not been much different.

Whether you want to thank the Persians, Greeks or Romans, they all seem to share equal blame when it comes to birthday gift giving.

Outside of these points, the only other truly notable fact about birthday gift giving was the fact that birthday gifts were not really given to children until the 19th century. The reason? While it is a grim reason, before the 19th century death at childbirth was a lot more likely, so there was not really a point of buying gifts to celebrate someone who might not live on this earth very long.

Since then, giving birthday gifts has become a huge thing across many countries and cultures, and it has helped guide gift giving for other holidays as well. The reasoning behind birthday gift giving has certainly changed as well, as it was once a way to get rid of evil spirits, but now it is a way of showing love and affection.

And now, we can give people gifts like a story from My FrontPage Story and help them celebrate and remember the day they were born. Talk about turning grim history into something exciting.

I guess celebrating turning another year older has its perks!


a girl relaxing in her hammock

It took a while for hammocks to get to where they are today (National Hammock Day)

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

July 22, 2022

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