Kellie’s Loves of a Lifetime: Kellie Kaspriske is a special woman who George loves with all his heart

They met at the Gateway Theater while rehearsing for the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Kellie was playing the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and George was the theater manager.

The connection was instant. When George and Kellie first started dating, they realized there was an undeniable chemistry between them. They could and still do read each other’s minds and finish each other’s sentences, and they felt their bond was so strong that it was unbreakable.

Fast forward to today and they are happily married with a blended family. George calls the love between him and his wife the “love of a lifetime,” and it is simple to see why. Kellie loves with all her heart and she cares so much about everyone, and her personality is unique and special.

“I love her heart, passion and compassion,” George said. “She’s got a vibrant personality and is a beautiful person inside and out.”

Kellie loves people and she loves being there for people, and the fact that her love never wavers is special.

She is also very dedicated, hardworking and she never gives up. Life may throw many curveballs, but Kellie has never met an obstacle she cannot face head-on. She founded and owns a very successful dog grooming business.

“I admire the way she doesn’t back down from a challenge, always perseveres and the way she cares for the ones she loves,” George said. “And our shared love of animals, especially her horse, Zulu and our fur babies at home.”

Kellie would do anything for any number of her loved ones. She treats them all so well and is an everlasting presence in their lives.

This rings especially true when it comes to her daughter and stepdaughter. Kellie loves them both so much and does so much for them. It’s hard to imagine either of them having a better role model to look up to.

“Kellie is the best mom ever and is always there for her daughter, Corbin, and she is an outstanding stepmom to my daughter, Zoe, whom she always treated as her own,” George said.

The bond between Kellie and Corbin and the bond between Kelly and Zoe is truly special and remarkable. Kellie loves them both so much, and she does everything to make sure they have the best lives possible.

She also brings out the best in George and does everything for him. She is an exceptional wife, and George is so grateful.

“Kellie is always there to support me in whatever I’m doing,” George said. “She keeps me grounded, takes care of me and is never afraid to offer her words of wisdom and help me be the best person I can be.”

Kellie brings out the best in everyone, and she is a great friend to all. People look up to her and they appreciate her love, especially her best and truest friend, Mitzi.

George in particular cannot imagine his life without her either. She changed it for the better, and she is his soulmate.

“I love you always. You are my life and I cherish it. And somehow, I’ve known this all my life and in others.” – George

Kellie's Loves of a Lifetime

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