‘My Soulmate’: Zachary cannot imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone other than Diaja

Coworkers to friends to companions to soulmates.

This is the path Zachary and Diaja have taken to becoming each other’s significant other. And Zachary would not have it any other way.

He calls it an honor and a privilege to have Diaja (aka Chunky) as his girlfriend, and he is truly grateful for this amazing woman.

“She is special because she is genuine,” Zachary said. “What you see of her is what you get. She is very family-oriented and hard-working. She is loyal, and has a wonderful sense of humor.”

Diaja has an all-around great personality, and Zachary loves that about her.

First off, she is true to herself. She is not one to beat around the bushes, and she is certainly 100 percent authentic.

She is also someone who is funny and selfless, and she is there for others.

But most importantly, Diaja is a family woman through and through. She would do anything for those she loves, and her heart for family is so large.

This rings especially true when it comes to her 3-year-old son.

“Her attention to Ethan makes her an amazing mom,” Zachary said. “She’s very much attentive to his active personality.”

Diaja would do anything and everything for her son. He means the absolute world to her, and she is a true mama bear at heart.

She is also someone who helps reel in Zachary when need be. She is his guidance and support, and she shows him the best way of life on a daily basis.

“In a sense, she is my moral compass,” Zachary said. “I can be a little bit of a handful, so she keeps me grounded and reminds me of what’s important and valuable to me.”

Diaja has a great sense of what is right and wrong in life, and she certainly knows how to help others see things the way she does. She is someone you want to look up to as she is someone you know you can trust, and her boyfriend certainly knows this.

“I admire her passion for things important to her,” Zachary said. “I also admire her loyalty to her family and close friends.”

If you are close to Diaja, you are close to her. You will always know where you stand with her, and she is always going to have your back if she cares about you.

Diaja is truly a wonderful person who has much to offer, and Zachary, Ethan and everyone else are so thankful for this amazing woman. They could not do it without her, and thankfully they do not have to worry about that.

“Chunky, I’m not perfect, but I try and never will stop trying. Just be patient with me and stay the course baby. We will get there and live a long, happy, loving life together. I love you baby.” – Zachary

‘My Soulmate’: Diaja "Chunky" Wheeler

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