A True Difference Maker: Jodie loves being there for people and she loves her family

The impact Jodie Pish has on people’s lives is undeniable. But the impact she has on her husband’s life is extraordinary.

Michael said that, from the moment Jodie walked into his life, it changed for the better. She has been there for him and has loved him for who he is.

She also brings out the best in him. Each and every day, Jodie focuses on being the best wife in the world, and that makes Michael become an even better person. Plus she’s got a strong faith in God, and this is something Michael does not take lightly either.

“She just brought love into my life where it had been missing for a long time,” Michael said. “Jodie is the type of person you cannot deny. She is love. She showed me what was missing. She experiences things at a level I am not familiar with. The pleasure she gets from mundane things is something I admire. She takes care of everyone around her. She’s very devout in her faith. I admire that as well.”

Michael admires so many things about Jodie, and rightfully so. She treats everyone with kindness and respect, and she is there for those who need her most in her life. She also has the most amazing outlook on life, which is something Michael really appreciates.

Michael also appreciates all the things his wife teaches him on a daily basis. She came into his life and really helped turn things around, and he is constantly learning new, important things.

“She’s taught me patience,” Michael said. “She softened me. I developed kind of a hard crust before that. With Jodie, you don’t really get a choice. It was an adjusting period. I’ve become softer, more relatable and loving.”

Jodie makes a difference in so many people’s lives. She brings out the best in everyone, especially her children and grandchildren.

Jodie and Michael have five children and 11 grandkids, and there is nothing Jodie would not do for them. She is a role model and a supporter, and they know they can always rely on her to be there for them for anything.

“She always listens to what everyone wants,” Michael said. “She pays a lot of attention to what the kids and grandkids are saying. She puts a lot of love into being a mom and grandma. At Christmas, she built gingerbread houses with them. She just loves being a mom and grandma. She’s a very hands-on mom and grandma too.”

There is nothing more important to Jodie than family (or her Yorkie, Dottie), and this is a trait that Michael has really come to love and honor about her. He knows that there is nothing she would not do for them or for him, and he is just thankful for that.

“She has filled my life with love and joy. She’s helped me in areas I didn’t even know I was lacking in. She’s brought me closer to God and to everyone else in my life. I am reborn.” – Michael

A True Difference Maker: Jodie Pish

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