Kristen Haynes: A Woman with a Heart of Gold

From sweethearts to marriage, the story of Wesley and Kristen Haynes is long yet exceptional.

At 19 years old in North Richland Hills, Texas, July 7th was the day that the two met. “Are you going to ask me for my number?” Kristen asked Wesley. Undoubtedly, he said yes; only a few weeks later, they were a couple. 

Although it took 16 days to make it official, Wesley knew after one month that she was the one. “She made me happy like no one before and gave me butterflies every time I held her hand,” he said. “Life felt better around her.”

For those reasons, Wesley got down on one knee, under a full moon, in Cancun. He will always remember the sound of her saying “yes” as the stars sparkled above them. One year later on May 13, 2006, they were married.

Next, they welcomed two bright, beautiful boys, Weston and Leyton. Wesley will never forget when their son was born, and he tripped over the IV cord, almost ripping it out. Although he’s sorry about it, he also can’t help but laugh thinking back to that moment. 

From that moment on, Kristen was the most amazing mother that Wesley could have imagined for his kids. Lifting them up, encouraging them, remaining patient and caring, helping with homework every night and taking the time to talk about their days are only a handful of things that Kristen does for their boys. 

“There is not anything she would not do for her two boys,” Wesley said. “She always assures them everything is going to be okay.”

Kristen likewise emulates this loving spirit to everyone around her. Although Wesley doesn’t say it enough, he truly believes that she is the most kind and loyal soul, always extending herself to those she cares about.

Helpful, giving, beautiful, hardworking, calm, independent, and smart are what comes to mind when Wesley thinks of Kristen. Beyond that, he loves her “cute little ears, her voice when she sings, and how perfect we fit together when we hug.”

For Wesley, not only can nobody match her beautiful legs, but they can’t come close to her heart of gold. Because of Kristen, he grows into a better man each day as she encourages to stay in the present moment and reminds him that each day is a gift.

For that and for every reason and more, Wesley is infatuated with Kristen and is thankful each day that they found each other.

“For the rest of my time she is and will forever be the love of my life and I am so thankful for her and all the sacrifices she makes for me and the boys. I wish Valentine’s Day was every day to show you how much I love you.” -Wesley

Kristen Haynes: A Woman with a Heart of Gold

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