She’s Courageous: Suze is one amazing woman with a whole lot of heart and determination

When Bill and Suze Mahan first started dating, Suze always ordered a grilled chicken salad whenever they went out to eat. And while this may not seem like much of an important fact about her, it proves that, if nothing else, Suze is consistent. She sticks to routines and is a constant presence in the lives of those all around her, and this is one of the many things that makes her who she is.

It was also in those dates early on when Bill realized Suze was the one for him.

“I just knew that I didn’t want to spend my life without her in it,” Bill said.

She made an instant impression and has continued to impress Bill throughout all their years of marriage. Suze is a great woman with a great personality, and she proves time and time again that she is a steady force.

“Some of my favorite qualities about her? She is giving, caring, has a strong work ethic and is compromising.”

When Bill says compromising, he does not mean that in a bad way. What he means is marriage is all about give and take, and he really appreciates the fact that Suze is willing to give and take as much as he is.

He is also very proud of his wife for many reasons. One being the fact that she shows a whole lot of strength and resilience each and every day.

“Even though she suffers from a debilitating condition, she never lets it slow her down,” Bill said. “She puts others first.”

Suze does not let this condition define her or bring her down, but instead she allows it to help her not take things for granted. She has always been someone who treats others well, and that has not stopped for any reason.

She has also never stopped loving her kids and grandkids. She has four kids and 11 grandkids, and not a moment has gone by where Suze has not shown them a whole lot of love.

“Her concern over her children and grandchildren and their wellbeing is amazing,” Bill said.

Suze’s top priority is not only her children and grandchildren either. She also takes care of Bill on a daily basis and helps make his life better, and he is thankful for that.

“Suze has taught me to be more tolerant and to realize the joy of helping others,” he said.

Selflessness is a virtue, and it is one Suze possesses well.

Suze possesses a lot of faith too. It is what gets her through each day, and it is something her family has really come to appreciate about her.

“When Suze improvises a prayer during family gatherings, we are never quite sure what is going to be said,” Bill said.

Bill is so grateful to call Suze his wife, and he cannot wait to go on more vacations to Aruba with her. He loves and beholds her so much, and he cherishes her more than words can say.

“Thank you for putting up with my coaching, for teaching me and for loving me.” – Bill

She’s Courageous: Suze Mahan

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