‘Like An Angel’: Tracy Lubeck is the woman of John’s dreams and a loving, dedicated mother to their five children

John Lubeck is passionate about the fact that meeting Tracy changed his life — and more importantly, his children’s lives — for the better. He first got to know Tracy in 2014 when his three kids — Nolan (16), Brianna (14) and Makayla (10) — were all nine or younger and in need of a little stability. 

John and Tracy started talking online and met each other for the first time on the waterfront. To say John was blown away by the first impression of her would be a massive understatement. He got his first real glimpse of her many amazing qualities that night, and he has since come to love them even more.

“She was like an angel sent down,” John said. “I don’t know how she came and when she came at the right time, but it was just perfect timing.”

John gives all the credit to Tracy for the relationship they have and the family they love so much. It’s a big, happy unit that now runs five deep with their two youngest Tucker (5) and Sawyer (3). Collectively, the kids make sure there’s always something to do and seldom a dull moment. 

Tracy’s ability to put herself last and focus all her time and energy on the five kids is a huge part of that effort. She is the calm thinker, the homeschool helper and patient listener who seems to always know what the family needs and how to provide it.

“She has time for everyone,” John said. “She is always positive. Tracy can just make me smile when she walks in the door anytime. She is confident, and she takes care of everyone before herself.”

John would be the first to admit that Tracy is a guiding influence for him, too. She was the perfect woman who came along in his life at the perfect time. She opened her home to him and the three kids and treated all of them like family from Day 1. 

Tracy’s patience comes, in part, from her experience as a teacher, and it helps to restore calm when her big family of seven needs it. 

With kids ranging from 3 to 16, that skill is always in demand. Her patience also helps to build unique, loving and trusting relationships with all five of the kids. She leaves no doubts about the fact that the kids’ best interests are always her top priority.

“She’s just really the voice of reason,” John said. “She knows how to hear them out and knows how to listen to people and what their needs are.”

Tracy listens to those needs, and she meets them. As much as anything else, that’s the daily commitment she makes to John and the kids. 

The family knows not everything will be easy along the way — their Aug. 15 wedding during a pandemic was the most recent example of that — but it helps all of them to know that Tracy will always be there to listen, love and support them.

John had a feeling about Tracy on the waterfront that first night, but he could have had no clue just how big of a difference she would make in his life. She means the world to him and the five kids, and they can’t thank her enough for all she does.

“You are my whole life,” he said. “God blessed me the day you married me. I wasn’t your first, but I hope I’m your last. I love you, Tracy Lubeck. You’re the best mother and wife in the world.”

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