Love & Kindness: Jody Davidson has raised her five children with a shining example of kindness and patience

Jody and Ken Davidson have been through pretty much everything together. 

They’ve met in Dunnville, moved on to university, graduated, got married and started their family as part of an adventure that showed the depths to which Jody would go to support Ken and her five children, Julianna (20), Kurtis (18), Kassandra (15), Josie (12) and Dougie (8). 

Jody has proven again and again that she will always be there to support them. She stood by Ken’s side early in their relationship, and of course, as a mother Jody was always ready and willing to put the kids’ needs ahead of her own. 

Jody graduated from Seneca College with a visual merchandising degree and put it to use at Pier1 Import stores in three different locations. More recently, she became known as “The Paint Whisperer” for her unique talent for mixing and her love of touching paint all day at Dunnville Paint and Decorating-Benjamin Moore Store. 

As her family grew, Jody pressed pause on her career pursuits and committed herself to raising the kids for 12 years. It was an experience that she loved and valued, and she got to build unique, unbreakable bonds with each of her five children. Jody has made them the focal point of her life while doing a tremendous job managing schedules and taking care of the home.

Every year, the family has bonded more and more at the Marshville Heritage Festival, which was started by Jody’s mom and dad, Janice and Doug, who has since passed. The whole family makes apple butter together while also honoring her dad’s legacy.

“She’ll do anything for the kids,” Ken said. “She sacrificed her life for them. She makes them feel comfy and safe and is always rearranging their bedrooms for them. She’s also a good friend and confidant to all of them. That’s her role.”

Jody plays it well, too. 

She takes her duties as a mother seriously and wants to support her kids in whatever paths they choose in life. At the same time, she has a good sense for the temperature in her home and knows how to ease tensions with a smile and a laugh.

Kassandra can think back to all the conversations she has had with her mom and how clearly she made it that she cared. But perhaps the most lasting lesson that Kassandra learned was to simply treat others with respect. Jody preached kindness to her children, and she taught by example by living it every single day.

“I’ve learned from her to be a kind person to everyone because you never know what they’re going through,” Kassandra said. “It’s cheesy, I know, but she has taught me her kindness and i will always be grateful for that.”

Julianna said her mom takes the lack of judgment a step further. Jody was clear about projecting positivity and understanding to others by treating her children the exact same way. She listened and supported them and built relationships, especially with her oldest, based on trust.

That has meant the world to Julianna, who considers her mom her best friend. 

“She’s such a good mom because she’s very understanding,” she said. “Rarely does she get mad or raise her voice because she always tries to talk out situations with us. 

“I even consider my mom my best friend and tell her everything because I know there’s no judgment. I trust her with my life.”

Everyone in the Davidson family would say the exact same thing, especially Ken. Jody has stuck by his side, supported him and the kids, and kept the family together with her love and care, she is his “Wonder Woman”

The kids have never felt like they had to be anything but themselves in Jody’s presence. She doesn’t judge or yell or scream when mistakes are made, but she approaches those situations with calm understanding. 

It’s one of the many reasons the whole family feels gratitude for everything she does, but even more so this Mother’s Day.

“She’s always thinking of others, if you mention something you like, next thing you know she gets it for you. We are all so proud of her!” said Ken  

“I would be completely lost without her, and I could never ask for a greater role model or mother,” Kassandra added. “I love her to the ends of the earth. She is my rock.”

And from Julianna: “I love her and I’m so grateful for everything she does for the family. She has sacrificed so much for us kids and I want her to know that it’s appreciated. Now that I’m older, I just want to give back to my mom and help her to achieve her goals and dreams like she’s always done for me.”

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