Maximum Effort: Jamie Henning is a passionate individual who gets what she wants and is cherished by her family

If you want to give Jamie Henning motivation, just tell her she cannot do something. She will prove you wrong quicker than you can blink.

“She’s a do-er,” her husband, Eric, said. “She gets things done. Don’t tell her she can’t do something because you will be wrong. She puts everyone and everything before herself. She’s a hard worker and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’ll put you in your place if you need it, or if she thinks you need it.”

Jamie gives maximum effort all the time, and she is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve whatever she sets out to achieve. She works to be the best at everything she does, and she is the best at everything she does 100 percent of the time.

She is not afraid to show people who is boss, and she continues to prove people wrong time and time again.

“She knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it,” Eric said. “She’s a hard worker and she does her own thing. What you see is what you get with her. She’s not afraid to hurt your feelings if you need to be put in check.”

Jamie can be brutally honest at times, but she shows her honesty with the utmost respect for other individuals. When she tells someone they are wrong, she is able to back it up, and she will not back down.

This is the woman that Eric married almost five years ago, and her sticktoitiveness is one of the many things he fell in love with.

She is also willing to own up to her mistakes, no matter how big or small, and Eric loves her even more for this.

“Once, early in the dating game, she brought me breakfast to work – a breakfast burrito and a Dr. Pepper,” Eric said. “I started harassing her about it not being Dr. Pepper. She wasn’t having it she swore up and down it was. Then, I took the lid off the cup and it was Mountain Dew yellow. We still laugh to this day and reference questionable things as Dr. Pepper Mountain Dew.”

While Jamie can be serious and always sticks to her guns, she also has a very lighthearted side to her that knows how to laugh at herself. Her husband and two daughters see both sides of Jamie, and they would not change any of it for the world.

She is such a loving and caring individual, and her face always lights up whenever she and Eric get a new puppy. She is passionate about football, builds the best campfires and loves to bake. When she is doing these things with her family, it makes them 10 times happier.

Jamie’s family appreciates her more than life itself, and she makes their lives so much easier. They love seeing the passion she puts into everything in life, and they love her servant’s heart. She means the world to them, and they are glad to call her wife/mom.

“She’s my everything – my biggest fan, supporter and cheerleader,” Eric said. “Jamie’s my best friend, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Without her, it’s hard to say if I’d be the man I am today. She’s my person. I wouldn’t change any of my past because I love what I have now. I couldn’t do this without you, and I certainly wouldn’t want to. I love you five thousand. I never want to go a day without you by my side.”maximum effort

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