‘She Is My Rock’: Kendilyn is a fighter who never gives up

Nothing can stop Kendilyn Brockman. And I mean nothing.

She kicked cancer’s butt, as she is in remission from breast cancer, and the strength and determination she showed throughout her entire bout is something that her family is proud of.

They have seen what happens when something tries to stop Kendilyn, and they know that nothing will ever bring her down.

“I admire how strong and determined my mom is while still being compassionate and selfless,” her daughter Calista said. “She sets her mind to something and goes over and beyond expectations. She faces diversity head-on. There have been many challenges in her life, but instead of shutting down and running away, she keeps fighting.”

No matter the challenge, Kendilyn is ready to face it head-on.

She is a hard worker and she is determined to succeed and win at life. She shows that determination every single day.

Kendilyn is also a great wife to Troy and a mother of five – Tanner, Dakota, Calista, Hunter and Ticker – and she would do anything for them. They have learned so many great things from their mother, and they are in awe of everything their mother and role model shows them every single day.

“My mother is everything to me,” Tanner said. “She has laid the foundation on which I have built my life. She gave me everything I would ever need to be successful in this life. She taught me responsibility, determination and love. Without my mom, I would have been lost in this world.”

Kendilyn gives her kids direction, and she is their rock. She has always made sure they feel loved and that they feel accepted, and she is someone who is always going to support each and every one of them.

She knows their needs and she has a unique love for each of them, and her kids love her for who she is.

“What makes my mom great is how much she truly cares about all five of us,” Calista said. “She shows us unconditional love and accepts us for who we are. She always put us before herself. Almost all of us are in college and she is still putting us before herself. She has the biggest heart and will always put us first.”

It is this kind of selflessness that has drawn people to love Kendilyn for the woman that she is, and it is the same type of selflessness that has made people have her back in return.

Throughout all of the battles she has fought, she has had her family by her side just like they have always had her by their side.

She is also an optimist who always looks at the brighter side of things, and she is someone who is always looking at the glass as half full.

“My mother has taught us that no matter what you do in life, you must be happy,” Tanner said. “She taught us that money isn’t everything and that being a family is the most important thing of all.”

Before all else, family comes first, and this is something that Kendilyn shows every single day. She cares about her family and believes that nothing is more important than family, and she would truly lay her life down for anyone in her family.

She is so compassionate and loving, and her family is the number one priority.

“She will do anything for a family member,” Troy said. “She was and is always willing to sacrifice her time to help our children with schoolwork. She expects and encourages our children to do their best no matter what they are doing.“

It is this type of sacrifice that makes Kendilyn a one-of-a-kind woman with an amazing heart and a selfless love, and this is the woman that people love to be around.

She has done a great job of raising her five children with her husband, and they are always looking toward their mother for help in different aspects of their lives.

She is a great mother and a great wife, and Troy feels blessed to have her by his side every step of the way in life.

“I would like her to know I love her, and I can’t imagine the rest of my life without her,” he said. “We are in a transactional period with our children entering college and moving out of the house. I know this will be a difficult transition. But with her, everything will be okay.”she is my rock

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