To the most gracious and classy woman Claudine, wishing you a beautiful day filled with happiness and joy

As a mother of two children and an animal lover, Claudine Paolino has proven to be giving and selfless with all her warm-hearted actions.

Today Claudine is turning 54, and when you talk to the love of Claudine’s life, Tim, you can tell how important his life partner is to him and how she changes his world, along with so many other people’s lives all around her.

“Claudine, you are more than enough for me and for everyone,” Tim said. “I admire your giving nature, kindness, creativity and endless love for people, in particular your children and animals.”

Love is infinite, and being a mother means putting a ton of responsibilities and pressure on your shoulders. Claudine has placed her love of raising and supporting her two children, Brooke and Neiko, above all else from the day they were born, and Tim has had the pleasure of watching Claudine grow as a mother each and every day.

“She is definitely a good mother because she was born to do it.” he said.

On top of being an amazing mother to two lovely children, Claudine is also a great dog mom to her 3-year-old chocolate lab, Gabby, and her yellow lab, Emma. Taking care of her kids as well as these two cute dogs is not easy, but she always, always tries to squeeze every last drop of her time to look after them.

Her care for other people (and her animals) also extends far beyond just the home. She is someone who opens her big heart and has a love for others in her workplace as well. As a manager at a local bank and co-owner of a cleaning business with her mother, Claudine shows her customers nothing but kindness and generosity by immersing herself into every single task.

Anyone who knows Claudine certainly knows she is a hardworking individual who gives everything she does her all. She is never going to do something half-heartedly, and this speaks volumes to her personality.

Her dedication to everything includes her dedication to her relationship with Tim, and this has allowed the two of them to create a lot of happy memories together. Tim said one of the most memorable and funny events that happened between them is one time when Claudine tried to film two bull moose fighting against each other, but she couldn’t even hold her phone in the correct position since she got extremely excited.

On top of these memories, it has become tradition for Claudine and Tim to go to Lake City Colorado to celebrate her birthday, thus anything doing with the great outdoors plays into so many of Claudine’s hobbies.

“In Claudine’s free time, she likes staying in the mountains camping and riding in the UTV,” Tim said. “I will never forget every moment while we were camping in our favorite little mountain town and visiting Teton and Yellowstone National Park.”

There is no doubt that Claudine is a special, amazing woman, and life with her is something Tim would not trade for the world. Through his expression, you can feel his deep love toward his important other half behind every word, and you can tell he is truly grateful for her.

“I love you and I’m blessed that you let me into your life.” — Tim

Happy birthday Caudine! Thank you for being you.

wishing you a beautiful day filled with happiness and joy

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