‘Mum Knows Best’: Getting to know Lorna Osborne is one of the best decisions you will ever make

As a wife, mother of three and grandmother of four, life can get tiring and wear you out after a while.

That is unless you are Lorna Osborne.

Lorna loves her family with all her heart, and she would truly do anything for them. She has spent so many years making sure that they always have all they need, and all of her family appreciates Lorna for what she has done for them.

“She is the most selfless, caring person that I know,” her son Dean said. “She has been there for us – myself, Brittany and Racquel – throughout our lives, never missing any recitals, baseball games or anything that had to do with us. She taught us to always have confidence in ourselves, and be true to ourselves.”

When she was raising Dean, Brittany and Racquel, Lorna was a very hands-on mother. She has always been their number one support system, and they have always been her number one priority.

Lorna has shown them what a mother’s love looks like, and because of her example two of them have been able to raise their children with the same morals and values that were instilled into them. Dean, Brittany and Racquel cannot imagine their lives without Lorna in them, as she has always been such a great role model for them.

“She is the definition of what a mother and wife should be,” Brittany said. “Every morning it was breakfast done and lunch packed, and dinner on the table every evening. She wasn’t a stay-at-home mom. She never was late to work but somehow always found the time to keep the house in, and she never missed an appointment or anything. She is the one person always in your corner.”

Lorna is someone you can always rely upon, and that is something her kids will tell you from firsthand experience. She showed them what hard work and dedication will get you, and she made sure her kids had everything they needed.

To Lorna, nothing comes before family, and that is one of the many things that her kids really appreciate about her. She has strong ethics and her values have always been in check, and she has shown the people she loves exactly what it means to live a life of faith and family.

“I admire her ability to always keep family and love of God first,” Racquel said. “Because of her, we have a very strong family network and spend every summer and Christmas together. We all travel together every year and somehow love it! It’s rare to see families travel in such large numbers. I live in Arizona and speak to my mom almost daily. She is always there when you need her and cares deeply for her husband, children, grandchildren and family.”

The Osborne family is a tight knit clan that is there for one another each and every day. They all care for each other, and that has everything to do with who the matriarch of the family is.

“She is hard working and always right on time,” Brittany said. “It’s like she knows just what you need and when you need it. I also don’t know how she manages to be so on top of things in her own life and all her kids and husband as well. She’s the one that will remind you that you have jury duty.”

Lorna has never been one to let her family forget what is going on. Whether it is jury duty or a family gathering, she will make sure all her kids and grandkids are there and are cordial.

Beyond family being such an integral part of Lorna’s life, arguably the most important thing in her life is actually not family at all, but her faith. She believes that with faith in God comes a lot of good in life in general, and she knows He will always be there for her just like she is always there for her family.

“She has always stressed the importance of having God in your life and has helped us maintain the commitment of going to church and keeping up with our sacraments,” Racquel said. “I also admire how strong of a woman she is.”

Lorna has a sturdy conviction that has helped her become the amazing, strong-willed woman she is today. She is not going to let anyone in her life falter, either, as she tries to live the life she believes God has called her to live.

“She’s tough and classy at the same time,” Brittany said. “She shows unconditional love to her kids and always has your back. She does what needs to be done and doesn’t think twice.”

Brittany went on to say that her mother is fearless and rare and a one-of-a-kind woman who makes it look easy, and anyone who knows Lorna would tend to agree.

She treats everyone with dignity and respect, and you know where you stand with Lorna at all times.

“She has taught me how to love and treat people with respect throughout my life,” Dean said. “To this day, I have a barometer for my actions that keeps me in line to never want to disappoint her.”

“She stands up for what she believes in,” Racquel added. “She has always taught me to believe in myself and I have always felt loved and supported by her. She is always there when we need her and will do anything for her kids. She has taught me everything I know about being a mother.”

When you converse with any of Lorna’s kids, you can see the appreciation they have for their mother glow on their face. They know that their mother is the reason they are able to live the lives they do today, and they do not ever take that for granted.

Lorna is the type of person who does not come around very often, and her life and all she stands for should be cherished forever. She has a lot of people who love her and who are thankful for her, and she is someone that more people will wish they got to meet after reading her story.

“I would like ‘mummy’ to know that I love her more than I would ever be able to humanly express. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me and continue to do. Thank you for loving Nancy the way you do, and thank you for loving Tristan to the moon and back. He loves you greatly!” – Dean

“Mummy, thank you for being the best mother a girl could ever ask for!” – Racquelmum knows best

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