Not Giving Up: Brooke Fabbri knows how to take on life’s toughest challenges, and her husband and daughters are right there by her side

There is something to be said about women who are as strong as Brooke Fabbri.

To some, she is just a woman from Cincinnati with Army parents and a close-knit bond with her mother. To most, though, Brooke is much more than this. She is quick-witted and easy to love, plus she is someone who is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with adversity.

In the last few years, Brooke has been diagnosed with two serious diseases, and while neither of those are an easy fight, her husband Tom knows that his wife is more than strong enough to take on these challenges. Through thick and thin, he has always seen Brooke get through anything life has thrown at her, and that is mainly because of who she is as a person.

Brooke cares so much about everyone around her, and her positive spirits are something that so many people admire. They look up to Brooke because of her optimism and her true genuineness for all those around her, and that is one of the many things that makes her such a great friend.

“She’s selfless and will do anything for family and friends,” Tom said. “Brooke is compassionate and a good listener, which is good because she tells very long stories… She’s willing to do anything, from going to the beach to going on a cruise to just chilling by the pool watching a game. She’s a very passionate person and beyond loyal. Her smile and laugh both light up a room.”

Brooke is not only a compassionate woman who cares about her friends, but she is someone who can truly change the perspective of a room. She has this glow about her that makes an instantaneous impact wherever she goes, and on top of that, she is someone who is willing to sacrifice her time for the betterment of others.

Brooke is always present in the lives of her family and friends, and that is something the people around her do not take for granted.

She is just a one-of-a-kind person with a one-of-a-kind personality, and Brooke does not get phased by anything in life. She faces challenges head-on, and she shows a toughness that is appreciated by so many.

“I admire her character during these trying times and how strong she’s been for our daughters,” Tom said. “Putting up with me is no easy task, and she does so while putting others in front of herself as well.”

While Tom might have only been somewhat kidding about his wife dealing with him, it really puts into perspective her wholesomeness.

She is a great role model who is paving the path for her daughters to follow and giving them a guide for their own independence as well – thanks in large part to the relationship Brooke has with her own mom. She loves her girls more than anything, and anyone who knows Brooke knows there is nothing she would not do for them.

“She is the best mommy in the world and I love her hugs,” Avery (5) said.

“What makes her a good mom is how she instills self-confidence with both of our daughters,” Tom added. “She’s always pushing them to try new things. She’s always willing to do the small things with them, from cuddle time, reading to and with them, outside time and making time for fun activities. She is their biggest cheerleader.”

Brooke makes every moment count with her daughters, and her husband is in constant awe of the endless amount of love she shows them day in and day out.

And while there are many special memories Tom can name off his head, every moment with Brooke is as special as the last, and that is something that speaks remarkably to who she is. Every moment Tom gets to spend with his wife is a moment that he cherishes and will hold onto forever – particularly her singing while preparing dinner – and the girls feel the same way.

From kayaking in Georgia to the Mother’s Day celebration at school, to so many other momentous events in between, Peyton and Avery love spending time with their mommy.

“I love how determined she is and that she spends time with us,” Peyton (9) said.

Brooke doesn’t give up in life and she doesn’t give up on putting her daughters first, and this is just one of the many things that makes her the amazing woman she is. She has so much grit and determination, and she is the handywoman who helps keep the Fabbri house intact.

Tom could not imagine a life without Brooke in it and he is grateful for the day that he met her, as well as every day in between.

“She is my best friend and my other half,” he said. “Through our ups and downs there’s nobody else I would spend the rest of my life with. I love her more than words could ever convey.”

His wife is the awesomest, strongest, most admirable woman in the world, and she is someone who his daughters get to look up to every day. They see the strength that she exudes on a daily bases, and they hope to one day be as strong-willed as their mother.

“No matter what is going on, she is always there for us,” Peyton said.

“Mommy always gets everything done that she needs to,” Avery added.

People like Brooke do not come around often, and that is why her friends and family all cherish her as much as they do. She is easy to love because she is the kindest, bravest soul in the world.

Brooke can get through anything just by being her, and as long as she remains strong, there is nothing that can keep her from continuing to be the greatest person her husband has ever met.

“I will be there for you through thick and thin. Our family is beyond lucky to have you, Brooke.” – Tom

not giving up

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