October 10 through 14 blog posts

Columbus Day

Columbus Day 2022

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

October 10, 2022


joy emoji

Delivering happiness in your everyday life (Spread Joy Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 11, 2022

Currently, our lives are overloaded with work and social media, which is exactly what the CEO of a business in Seattle Laura Jennings thought.

For the purpose of changing such a mind-blowing situation, Jennings and her team developed the National Spread Joy Day on October 11.

Our brain cannot work like a computer all the time, so everyone will need a short break from the workplace once in a while.

This holiday motivates people to do some light-hearted activities and enjoy every moment of their lives. Do not let negativities drive you down.

Utilize today to surprise your friends or colleagues with a little gift or a cup of coffee. Keep in mind to always laugh a lot and look on the good side of things.



Agriculture is changing people’s lives (Farmers Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 12, 2022

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the world. From food, clothing, fibers to oil, plastics and other energy resources, we would become naked and hungry without farming.

Each year on October 12 is Farmers Day, glorifying the constant hard work of farmers throughout the year, with the purpose of fueling people’s bodies and making our life more convenient.

Choosing the date of October 12 because it is the end of the traditional harvest season. Farmers can take a short break and join different festivals to celebrate it.

Now you have learned about the purpose of this holiday, how do we join this year’s celebration?

Firstly, you can shop at a farmer’s market to get some organic products while supporting their business is a double-win. Secondly, you can become your own farmer, just by growing a mini garden in your backyard.

Most important of all, remember to thank a farmer today for their countless efforts.


English language

English — an international universal language (English Language Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 13, 2022

On October 13, 1362, Parliament spoke for the first time in English instead of French, which allowed other members to use English language and applied it to the formulation of laws.

In 2009, The English Project set up English Language Day on October 13, in honor of the notable contribution of Parliament.

Since North America has been colonized by many other countries in the early years, the English language has borrowed many words from different languages, such as German, French, Greek, Latin and more.

The diversity of English has allowed it to adopt new words, grammar and spellings, making it the most spoken language across the world.

So, today we celebrate the long history of the English language and its dominant role in our culture.


I love you balloon

I love you til the world ends (I Love You Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

October 14, 2022

Unlike Valentine’s Day, October 14’s National I Love You Day opens up to everyone.

Whereas Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate your boo, National I Love You Day is different.

On this day, you can demonstrate your love not only to your significant other, but also to your family and friends. This is also a great day to demonstrate your love for the people you value most in your life.

You should be saying this universal phrase to the people who matter most on a daily basis. However, National I Love You Day is here to remind you to do so today.

This holiday evolved from a Filipino romantic drama film with the hashtag #EverydayILoveYou. When the label first appeared on Twitter, it gained massive support nationwide, which progressively developed into another hashtag #NationalILoveYouDay.

Of course, it seems like every day there is a quirky holiday of some sort. However, there are not too many that are truly as meaningful as National I Love You Day.

What started as a Twitter trend has transcended into so much more. We now have a day that is centered around loving the people who mean the most to you, which is more than we can say about most of these other made-up holidays.

Love stories are strong and iconic, and how this holiday came about is just as ironic as these love stories. It shows that many Twitter trends don’t die and that we should be celebrating our loved ones every single day.

Today it is the right moment for us to express love and gratitude by putting it into just three simple words… “I love you.” Saying I love you to the right person will make someone’s day… just don’t tell them you are inclined to do so because the holiday calendar insists.

Post updated by Nathaniel Chambers on 10/18/2022

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