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If you’ve ever heard the conversations Ross Tucker has with certain sports personalities (Dan Patrick, Jim Rome, Damon Amendolara and so many more), then you’ve probably heard him talk about MyFrontPageStory.com at some point.

If you have not heard Tucker talk on the radio or even his own podcast, however, then not only are you missing out on hearing a great sports personality, but you are also missing out on hearing about the best personalized gift on the market.

At My FrontPage Story, we turn the words you say into a custom newspaper front page story that your loved one will surely cherish forever. Whether it is for an anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or any occasion in between, a custom gift from MyFrontPageStory.com is one that will surely be one that will be remembered for years to come.

If you don’t believe us, then you can take it from our past customers.

Adam Schefter has gotten one for his wife on behalf of himself and his son and daughter, and he showed his gratitude with this post.

Todd Fritz from the Dan Patrick Show was gifted a story from Tucker to give to his wife, and he was definitely grateful that he got the story.

My FrontPage Story has even had people like Rob Carlin order his dad a story from us.

On top of these notable customers, the story recipients have also made a name for themselves as well. While the Lisa Sylvester we have written a story for might not be the American Peabody and Emmy award-winning journalist who was once on CNN, that does not mean we have not had some other notable people to write about. Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers, better known as The Saluting Marine, has his story etched in FrontPage infamy, as does the Miami legend Schatzi Kassal.

What’s the point of saying all this? All this is to help show our credibility. We are a gift company who serves any and all types of customers.

The point of showing you who all these highly regarded customers and gift recipients is not to make you feel like you have to be famous or popular to order a story from us. In fact, it is the exact opposite of this.

Where else can you have your name or the name of a loved one in the same place as someone like Adam Schefter? Probably not too many places… unless that place is MyFrontPageStory.com.

While we are grateful that we have had all the aforementioned customers and story recipients, we are also just as glad to have customers and story recipients like you and me. If you are like me, you are not a popular sports personality or someone who is known nationwide, but that does not mean you or your loved ones deserve a personalized newspaper story any less than say Chris Gronkowski or Casey Rogers.

And that is exactly why My FrontPage Story was started in the first place. It was started to give everyday people like 99.9 percent of the world a way of having their story heard. Everyone has a story to tell and has amazing accomplishments they should be proud of, but unfortunately they are not considered your typical front-page news story. And that’s why we are working hard to change this notion.

So, if you or a loved one deserves to have a fully customizable newspaper story written about them, get them the personalized newspaper where a real life journalist will write about them. We do not simply design a templated story where you input basic information about your loved one. We actually take it a few steps further by gathering information based off a series of questions that is tailored to any occasion.

three customers

At MyFrontPageStory.com you get the personal touch of a journalist who is dedicated to learning everything they need to know about your loved one to make sure their FrontPage Story is one that is truly meaningful to them. They will read it over and over again and say, “Hey, that’s me!” It is the one gift that will mean the world to them because it is a gift with quotes right from your heart.

Plus you can have other people’s quotes in the story as well, which would mean even more to the loved one you get this gift for.

On top of all this, there are also options to not only have your story designed, printed and/or framed, but you can also have your personalized story published on our site at no additional cost. That means the story will be searchable forever and you can tell your loved ones that their story is published on the same website as some popular figures. What’s not to love about that?

Now I have mentioned a lot about getting this gift for loved ones, but who does that include? Quite frankly it is perfect for anyone. We have had people get stories for their loved ones who were just born all the way up until 100.

If you want a push present for your wife, My FrontPage Story has got you covered. If you want a wedding present for a lovely couple you know, get them a FrontPage Story. If you want to get a birthday gift for your 90-year-old father… well, you get the point.

Tucker has even alluded to the possibility of getting his daughters a FrontPage Story as a gift for them to read at camp. There’s endless possibilities when it comes to who to get this gift for and the occasion you are getting it for them for.

All that said, if you are looking for a great gift to give someone (spouse, parent, child, friend, etc.), you should consider getting them a gift that will last a lifetime. We create gifts that make other people feel bad and make the gift recipients cry… in a good way.

So, outdo yourself the next time you get someone meaningful in your life a present when you order them a story from My FrontPage Story. It will be the least regrettable thing you will ever do!

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