‘I Love You’: When Kelsey said this phrase first, Korey knew he was in a relationship with the right person

There are some people who are born for certain things.

Kelsey Radtke is one of these people, as she was born to be a mother. With an almost 2-year-old son and another child on the way, Kelsey shows an endless amount of love toward Emerson.

This should come as no surprise, as she is someone who is a very family-oriented woman. She loves her family more than anything, and she is very close to them.

Her father, Bjorn, is her idol and the one she trusts more than anyone else.

Her mother, Laura, has been someone she can count on to watch Emerson on short notice, overnight and everything in between. ‘Molmol’ was one of Emerson’s first words.

Kelsey also has two younger sisters who she loves to FaceTime. She is very proud of the both, but also misses them dearly.

Oh, and she has a loving husband, Korey with a K, who is her best friend and is someone Kelsey is always there for.

All of this is to say that Kelsey loves her family more than anything, and she would go to the ends of the earth to make sure they have everything they need and are taken care of. She does not hide her love for her family, and she is also someone who is always there for everyone around her and someone who can always be counted on.

“She is the sweetest and kindest person I know,” Korey said. “She is overflowing with emotion and isn’t afraid to show it. She cares so much about her loved ones and lets all of us know. She is a straight shooter and doesn’t deal with B.S.”

Kelsey is a very loving, compassionate individual, but she is also not afraid to tell it like it is. She is a straightforward individual who wants what is best for everyone at all times.

For more than a decade, Kelsey has been Korey’s Sweet Lips, and in that decade-plus they have been together, he has learned so many things from his amazing wife. At the same time, he knows that she is always going to be in his corner, and he could not imagine what his life would be like without her in it.

“Our lives are completely integrated in the best way,” Korey said. “She means the world. We’ve been together going on 12 years. We raised two boxers together. She stepped into the mother role for my cat, Klein. Our son, Emerson, is almost 2 and our second child is due June 29.

“Kelsey is my best friend. I look forward to seeing her every day after work. We laugh together and cry together.”

Time with Kelsey is precious, and she is someone that Korey always cherishes. They have been through a lot together, but as long as they are by each other’s side, they can endure anything life throws their way.

Kelsey is family first, tried and true, and she is someone who is just so caring toward everyone. She is also not afraid of a challenge, and she does everything she can to succeed at whatever she puts her mind to.

“Family is everything to Kelsey,” Korey said. “She would do anything to help any of them. Her heart is full of love. She also stands up for what she believes in. When she wants something, she goes all-in – career, degree, home, a child, me.”

Kelsey is a very focused individual who stays the course. She puts so much time and effort into everything she does, and that is why she is great at so many things.

This helps make her a great role model for Emerson, as well as a great mother in general. She would do anything for him, and she is always going to show that little boy the most love any mother can show.

“She has always had strong maternal instincts,” Korey said. “She helped a lot in raising her younger sisters and it shows. Breast feeding Emerson proved to be very difficult. She was committed and nothing was going to stop her. That also meant sleepless nights and lots of tears.

“Work breaks and lunches were really just used for breastfeeding. Getting Emerson ready for bed, which she generally does, is no easy task. He has a club foot and is currently ‘wearing’ boots when he sleeps. Getting them on is a project. Emerson loves his snuggle, aka guggle, time with Kelsey.”

Everything Kelsey does, she does with excellence. The endless amount of love and support she has for her loved ones along with her dedication to her own passions and pursuits is one of the many reasons why Korey fell in love with his wife.

He knows that the love she has for him is never going to falter, and this was assured to him when she was the first one to say, “I love you.”

Kelsey is a great wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and just all-around individual, and Korey is glad he gets to call her his wife. He is looking forward to spending many more decades with Kelsey, and he cannot wait to see what else is in store for them.

“I appreciate all of her hard work. She is dedicated to being the best at anything she does, and I find that very admirable.

“Kelsey, I love you more than all of the two hundred trillion billion stars combined in the universe. Forever. Infinity.” – Koreyi love you

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