‘You’re Amazing’: These two words are what Kyle reminds his wife of every single day… because it’s true

It’s not every day you meet your soulmate through a phone game.

That is, unless you are Kyle and Sherry Colliatie.

Back in 2016, Sherry made a deal with Kyle through the game Words with Friends. The deal? If he could beat her, he could meet her in person.

Thanks to Google – who says no good ever comes from cheating – Kyle was able to defeat her, they met at a Starbucks and the rest is history.

From the moment Kyle met his wife, he knew there was something different about her. She had a certain charm and a way about her that just stuck out.

“She’s the most independent and strong woman I’ve been with,” he said. “She’s intelligent, supportive, trustworthy and encouraging. She’s fiercely passionate, and I never know when she’s going to show me off in public, saying, ‘just look at him…’”

In most cases, it is the other way around. And while Kyle loves showing off Sherry in public, it means so much more to him when she shows him off. The fact that she is able to show her love for him in this way is something that always sticks with him, and he is glad she is not afraid to be a strong, independent woman.

When the two of them got married, they also became a blended family. Kyle brought one kid into their marriage and Sherry brought in four, and part of what has drawn Kyle so close to his wife is the fact that she is such an amazing mother.

“She never misses a choir concert, band performance or any spare time to play video games with the boys,” he said. “Sherry is always cooking for the kids, separate meals at that! She is very patient with them.”

The love Sherry shows for their kids is absolutely amazing, and Kyle could not imagine a more supportive mother and role model for their kids than Sherry. She shows them not only an endless amount of love, but also how to love others and see the silver lining in everything.

“I admire her ability to see things from a different perspective,” Kyle said. “I admire her unconditional love and trust in me. Her smile is so infectious that it always cheers me up on a bad day. She is very reliable, and she’s my best friend with whom I share everything with.”

Through everything in life, Sherry is always there for the people she cares most about. She spends ample time with her husband, and every moment they spend together is a memory that they will cherish forever.

“We love to go see movies together, eat the biggest bucket of popcorn together and ‘share’ a drink that I undoubtedly will finish before the previews are over, leaving her with nothing to drink so I have to refill it. I also love our yearly trips to Bristol to watch NASCAR together, staying in Norton Virginia and looking for ‘wood boogers’ at the park.”

As long as they are together, Kyle is beyond happy. He is glad that he has such an amazing wife to spend the rest of his life with, and he is grateful every day for Sherry.

From the moment she walked into his life, it was changed forever, and he is glad of that.

“Sherry, since the day we met I knew that was it. We have literally been through it all together. Marrying you is the icing on the cake for me. To spend the rest of my life with the most beautiful woman in the world, to be able to not only share great memories together but to make new ones as well, there’s nothing more I could ask for in life. I will always be there for you.” – Kyleyou're amazing

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