One Marvelous Decade: John could not imagine spending the last 10 years with anyone greater than his wife

For most people, this would be hyperbole, but for John Pietrangeli, it’s the God’s honest truth. The first time he laid eyes on Melanie McGowan, he knew he wanted her to become Melanie Pietrangeli. It was her smile and her laugh.

John says in reflection of that day in West Park Tavern, “It feels like yesterday that I first looked into her eyes. There was just that feeling that I never wanted to be apart from her. I couldn’t see myself without her”

What he would learn over the next ten years is that she was, in fact, the funniest, most beautiful, best person he would ever know. Plus, she is a lot of fun. Whether it was something simple like cracking jokes while binge watching TV or riding luggage carts through hallways like a skier, Melanie loves to enjoy life.

As the daughter of Tony and Sally McGowan, Melanie is a product of the Cleveland area and as such, she is endowed with great, down to earth qualities. Beyond her humor, she is loving in all aspects, and kind. She is a great cook who values her family and God.

Later, after she and John were married, Melanie would also become a great mother and role model to their son, Pino. One could have seen this in her before, though. Family has always been key to Melanie.

John remarked, “She has the kindest heart. She goes above and beyond for her family, and she would do anything for them, including her immediate family like her cousins Tiffany, Courtney, Tony, Steve, Jimmy, Micky, Tony, Niki and their significant others. Family is the most important part of her life.”

Now, their days are spent on family walks, playing in the backyard or teaching Pino to bake. They love traveling to places like Ft. Myers and fine dining or swimming in their pool. But even if times were difficult, with her love and strength, John knows they could tackle any challenge in life, together.  Melanie has a great calming presence.

“She has always been there for me, always assures me that everything is going to be ok. We can overcome anything with our love and God. She always builds our family up and never focuses on the negative or dwells on the unknown. I love her more than yesterday, less than tomorrow. She’s my best friend, beautiful wife, best Mother, and overall best person I know.”one marvelous decade

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