A Tutu Like No Other: Nancy is someone that people can learn a lot from and be better off just by knowing her

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

This statement could not be any truer when describing Nancy Miller – better known as Tutu to her grandsons, George and Jack – who is truly the embodiment of her parents to the umpth degree.

Nancy Block Miller is strong in the Catholic faith, which is something she learned early on in life from her parents, Will and Rose Block.

With nine children and dozens of children and grandchildren, Rose is as close to a saint as anyone Nancy’s husband, Kevin, has ever met, which speaks volumes to what he thinks of his wife.  Nany’s dad, Will set examples for how to treat all people with respect.  Together, they were a match made in heaven, who will live on for eternity.

Nancy, the middle of nine siblings, is an embodiment of both of her loving parents.  She is family-oriented through and through, during both good times and bad.  Her siblings all share some of her parents admirable traits that they instilled in their children, leading by example.

“Family comes first, 24/7,” Kevin said. “She cares for four generations with 110 percent of her abilities. She is always doing for others. Her parents, siblings, daughters, and grandkids can count on her as much as I can. She is athletic – she’s an avid golfer and played tennis in high school and college. She has a degree in Interior Design from the University of Louisville, which was followed by a successful career which was cut way too short. Nancy is constantly doing ‘extreme home makeovers’ at our house. She is compassionate, empathetic, caring, dependable, sincere, dedicated and never tells a family member no when they need assistance.”

She is someone who is constantly in motion.  She doesn’t sit and do things for herself very often. She utilizes her interior design talents in her homes, most days,  but there is always one thing that will trump her love of design.

“Family, family, family! She never lets anyone down when they need a hand, no matter what it involves,” Kevin said. “She has endless energy. She is always looking to improve our home in some way. She loves her grandkids with every ounce of her existence.  They think she walks on water as well. Tutu is their favorite by a long shot. She spoils them, but nurtures them with love and attention with every ounce of her being.”

It takes a lot of time and energy to take care of grandchildren, and luckily Nancy has a lot of it. She loves spending time with her grandsons, and she is not afraid to get down on the floor with them.  She has, and will continue to make huge impacts in their lives.

“She’s hands-down the biggest ‘giver’ I know,” her daughter Suzanne said. “She gives everything to those she loves; giving unconditionally is how she expresses love. Especially my nephews! Every time she leaves the house, she comes back with a new toy they’ll love. She always ‘finds the fun,’ encouraging everyone around her to just enjoy themselves! She fills the air of our home with joy, light, and around the holidays, magic.”a tutu like no other

Nancy is always creating a welcoming environment wherever she goes, and this is especially true when it comes to her home. She loves making people feel loved and like they belong, and she is just always looking out for others.

“My mom is a beacon of love and support,” Suzane said. “She is my biggest cheerleader; always encouraging me to forge my own path and lovingly offering help with whatever I need to achieve my dreams and goals. She is always embodying the essence of the words ‘family’ and ‘love,’ and her generous and loving spirit anchors our family and helps keep the wind in my sails!”

From the moment Suzanne and her sister Jenna were born, they have felt so loved and welcomed in this world. Their mom has such a warm heart and an amazing personality, and they are beyond grateful for her.

“She has taught us to live in the moment and enjoy the time we have together,” Jenna said. “To not get too caught up on the things that don’t matter, like cleaning the house and making sure everything is perfect. It is much more important to enjoy the moment and have fun!”

This is something Nancy believes is very important, as she knows how important living life to the fullest and letting loose a little is important.

She also knows the importance of a strong, healthy marriage, and that is something she focuses on every single day.

“Kevin and my mom found each other at a time when they both needed one another,” Jenna said. “And that has held true throughout their marriage. They both truly need one another and depend on the other every single day.”

Every day, they help each other grow. From growth in marriage to growth as devout Catholics, they always want what is best for one another.

Kevin is glad that he has someone like Nancy by his side, and he is grateful for all she does for him. He cannot imagine what he would do without the love of his life by his side, and he is glad he does not have to think about that.

“Her daily endeavors are very, very, very much appreciated by myself and many, many others,” Kevin said. “I may not always show my appreciation outwardly, but I want her to know that I don’t take all that she does for granted. I am blessed that she and her daughters, and now their families, came into my life. I cherish our grandchildren, and I look forward to forming many more memories as a family for years to come. Tutu is the best, and don’t you forget it!”

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