‘Our Superhero’: Deepika Sanduja is a loving mother and wife who fights for her family and puts smiles on their faces

Even superheroes need a laugh sometimes.

One of Shian Sanduja’s favorite memories with her “superhero” mom perfectly demonstrates what Deepika means to her family. She was there to protect and support her son in a moment of fear, but then couldn’t help but laugh when she knew Shian was safe.

Deepika brings those qualities to her home all the time, as a loving protector one minute and a jovial force the next, always ready to keep things light.

“My favorite memory with my mom is sitting with her on a roller coaster ride,” Shian explained. “I was really scared and kept passing out during the ride and she held onto me the whole time. She thought it was really funny and we had a really good laugh afterwards.”

Shian is 13 years old and has a 23-year-old sister, Shreya, both of whom love nothing more than spending time with their mom. Deepa has made both of her children, along with her husband Sourabh and their 5-year-old German Shepherd Krish, her top priorities in life while also running her own art business called Whatapainting and working as a real estate agent.

All the while, Deepa is laser-focused on her children, feeding them healthy meals without fail, taking them to their activities, and always making memories with them.

Shian has the rollercoaster memory, and Shreya highlights her time sightseeing in New York City. There are countless other unforgettable moments, as well as small daily favors and gestures, that always let the entire family know that Deepa has their best interests at heart.

“She is always there for us,” Shreya said. “What makes her special is she is always going the extra mile to make sure everyone is doing okay. Whether it is through a funny joke or a song, she always has a way to make others smile.”

The amazing thing is, Deepa is a highly educated and intelligent woman who has managed to pursue her business ambitions on multiple fronts without ever compromising her values at home. When she walks in the door, her eyes are fixed on her family and being there for them however they need. Deepa shows her love by ditching distractions and giving her family every ounce of her time and attention.

Sourabh finds inspiration in his wife to always strive to be the best husband and father he can be. Together, they have made for a good parenting team who stay focused on family and the health and development of their two children. Deepa plays a huge part in that.

“She is 100 percent involved in every aspect of their lives,” Sourabh said. “She makes sure they have proper meals, helps with their homework, and follows up with them on grades. She deals with teachers and after-school programs, and most of all, she listens to the children and makes sure they are heard.”

By doing so, Deepa also sends a message to the kids: No matter what is happening in their lives, she will always be there to love, guide and support them.

For her birthday, they want to share a similar message and let her know what she means to them.

She makes all of their lives better, both collectively and individually, in incredible ways. She can bring a laugh to ease tension just as well as she can fight and advocate for all of them.

Deepa means the world to her whole family, and they are grateful for all she does while always putting her own needs last.

“I would like my mom to know that I greatly appreciate everything she has done for me,” Shreya said. “As a child, you never really realize just how much mothers do and how much they sacrifice, but looking back as an adult I am truly grateful for being blessed with such a perfect mother.”

“Stay strong and ambitious,” Sourabh added. “Keep fighting and striving for your goals. Keep having a smile on your face and staying positive in life.”

And from Shian: “Happy birthday, Mom. We love you so much and appreciate everything you have done for us. Cheers to many more amazing, memorable adventures ahead!”our superhero

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