OUR ROCK: Paula Scott works tirelessly serving others and is the cornerstone of a family that adores her

When Paula Scott finishes up with job No. 1 on a given day, she often moves on to job No. 2, and then right into her most important job of all as a loving mother and wife. 

In all three situations, Paula specializes in helping other people, which she does tirelessly and with no complaints. She is a force for good who props up her family, assists seniors who rely on her, and works with a nonprofit that serves the community.

Paula’s husband, Doug, and her children, Sydney (19) and Dyllan (18), sometimes can’t believe what they’re seeing from her. And if they’re being honest, they would probably all say that they would love to see Paula slow down at times, rest up, and maybe — just maybe — spend a few minutes thinking of herself.

“She’s so caring and compassionate,” Doug said. “She’s the hardest working person I have ever met. She’s patient and really handles things very even-keeled. I’m a very emotional person, and she’s my stability.”

This is right about the time when Doug has to take a breather and gather himself, and really, who could blame him for getting emotional when he thinks about Paula? She works hard and serves others, and she has always put Sydney and Dyllan first. But Paula also borders on sainthood with all she does on Doug’s behalf.

Doug was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 12 years ago, and he has seen his condition worsen to the point where mobility is now an ongoing issue. Of course, Paula works two jobs to support the family through that hardship, and she is always there to help. Still, her support for Doug is just as emotional as it is physical. 

Paula uplifts. She’s a steady voice, and she sets an incredible example by working so hard without ever saying a negative word. Thinking of those roles is when Doug really turns on the waterworks because he appreciates them beyond measure.

“I used to walk for everything, and now I can’t walk to the corner,” Doug said. “She takes all of that in stride, and she’s like our foundation. She’s the same way with her mom and dad. She works and doesn’t ever complain. I’m a complainer and I go whining about pain or whatever, and she just never does.”

Sydney loves and admires those qualities about her mom now, but she also remembers her being at all her events and functions when she was younger. Paula showed that she would truly go to the ends of the earth for her kids, and sometimes it felt like the family car did rack up the equivalent of Earth’s diameter in miles. 

But again, those acts of service mean less than the fact that Paula insists on doing them. Whether they realized it or not when they were little, Sydney and Dyllan grew up in a setting where hard work and sacrifice were everyday themes. It was hard for them to watch their mom in motion and not learn anything about work ethic.

“She is so just ready to care for us and care for everybody, and I feel like she is so good at being a mom,” Sydney said. “There’s never been a time where she hasn’t been that way or hasn’t been caring for everybody in the family. She’s always giving us what we need.”

Dyllan sees his mom working hard as hard as she does and making steady sacrifices in the name of everyone else. And as much as he wishes sometimes that she could slow down and relax, he also very much admires the commitment she makes to her family. 

As far as he is concerned, her hard work is an expression of love, and there’s plenty of it to go around.

“She always has a lot of love to give everyone,” he said. “It’s very admirable seeing how much she is able to sacrifice without a second thought. She would do a hell of a lot more if she needed to. She never complains or asks for help.”

Doug thinks back to all that has changed since he met Paula at the donut store 30-plus years ago. His head was in the clouds and he wanted to be a pool player back then, but meeting Paula helped him become the family man he is today. 

From the beginning, he knows that Paul has helped him grow in all kinds of ways. And now, she is his guiding light and the woman who gives her all to help him lead the best life he can live. 

For that, Doug simply can’t thank her enough.

“As soon as we started dating, the years have flown by,” he said. “It’s just such a wonderful life, and she’s given me everything. I wish everybody could get this lucky. Thank you very much. We really appreciate everything you do for all of us.”

Sydney and Dyllan are both reaching ages where it’s hitting them just how incredible their mom’s effort has been in raising them. 

Maybe someday, they hope to give back even a fraction of what she has given them over the years. 

“I’ve just become so, so appreciative now that I don’t have her around all the time,” Sydney said. “I’m realizing how much she does for us and sacrifices for us, and I’m so eternally grateful for her. 

“I want to make sure when I grow up, I can support her and make sure she and my dad are comfortable and happy.”

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