A Golden Anniversary: Joan and Frederick Pearson are celebrating 50 years of love, values, hard work and generosity

Joan and Frederick Pearson first fell for each other when they met as Andy Frain ushers in Chicago. Now, they are in different stages of their careers, but their marriage has been sustained through it all.

“They always communicate,” Mary Pat, their daughter, said. “They always kiss each other hello and goodbye. They do not go to bed angry. They take care of each other in sickness and in health. They have a common goal – to make a good life for their family.”

No matter what Joan and Frederick do, they do it together. They always make sure they are looking out for each other and do everything in love. This is their secret to being married for 50 years, and it will be the secret to them being married for many years to come.

“My dad is an excellent teacher,” Mary Pat said. “He teaches not only in words but also by example. He taught me how to ride a bike, how to hit a baseball, and how to write… My dad also loves us unconditionally with his whole heart. He is so proud of our accomplishments.”

Frederick is always there for his kids and would go to the end of the earth and back for them. He is a dedicated father and a dedicated fan, working in his free time at both Wrigley Field and Notre Dame Stadium as a photo editor.

“My dad is personable and friendly,” their son Brian said. “He is dedicated to his work and never stops or quits; he always finishes the job. He is a great teacher and has a lot of patience.”

Frederick is also an English teacher at their local high school, where he has been working for over three decades. When he is not in the classroom, he is in the press box calling the school’s football games. He is dedicated to the max, and his family loves him for that.

“My mom loves us unconditionally with her whole heart,” Mary Pat said. “She has a strong work ethic and goes out of her way to be kind to everyone. She never forgets a birthday or an anniversary and sends cards to all of her family and friends. She makes every holiday and birthday special for us. She is generous with her time and her talent.”

Joan never stops loving her family. She cares deeply about her husband, her kids and her grandkids, and she does everything she can to bring them all together under one roof during the busy holiday seasons. She knows how important family time is, and Joan would not trade the opportunities to spend time with family for the world.

“My mom is hard working and persistent,” Brian said. “She is the most generous, caring, and selfless person I know, always putting others’ needs and wants in front of her own.”

Joan has always been a people person, as she was the secretary at Queen of Martyrs Catholic School for 20 years. She was always the first face people saw when they walked into the school, and she made sure to make everyone’s day. She never went in without a smile on her face, no matter what.

On top of being dedicated to their work and their children, Joan and Frederick would do anything for their grandkids, and they love them more than life itself.

“They spend a lot of time with their grandkids,” Brian said. “They enjoy taking them to plays, the zoo, sporting events. They attend the kids’ sporting events, dance recitals, and school events. When my wife Rachael and I have work and other scheduling conflicts they are always there to help bring the kids to their practices and events.”

Joan and Frederick are unselfish grandparents who always try to do things that interest their grandkids. They do everything they can to leave a lasting impact on their grandkids’ lives, and their grandkids love them for that.

“Grandma and grandpa always have candy,” their granddaughter Grace said. “They are very nice and take care of us. Grandma makes awesome cookies. Grandma cares about our safety.  Both really care about our education and help us with homework after school. They love us so much.”

Joan and Frederick watch their grandkids before school, and sometimes they will even pick them up after school, so their grandkids do not have to go to morning and afternoon care. They help their grandkids out with schoolwork as well, and have created special memories with them by playing games and cooking special meals for them.

“I like to go to sporting events with Grandma and Grandpa,” their grandson Jacob said. “I like playing board games with grandma, especially Connect 4. I like playing soccer in the backyard with grandpa. I like having dinner with grandma and grandpa, especially at their house! I like the ham and sweet potatoes best.”

The grandkids have such fond memories with Grandma and Grandpa, and they love all the memories they already have with them. From the time they put a bandana on Grandma’s head on the Disney cruise, to all the times they have gone to Brookfield Zoo, the grandkids enjoy every moment of time they get to spend with Joan and Frederick.

And not only do the two of them love their own family, but they have taken in their extended family as their own as well.

“I love how they have accepted my wife and her family into our own family,” Brian said. “My parents consider my wife and her family to be an extension of their own. They have treated my wife, Rachael, and her parents, Pat and Kathy, with love and respect from the time that they were part of my life. My parents treat my wife Rachael as if she is their own daughter. Rachael feels that they are kind, selfless, and generous people.”

Joan and Frederick have not only accepted others into their family, but they have made a lasting impact on their own family. They do not shy away from showing love and affection, and they have taught their kids the value of work ethic, perseverance, engagement, pride, fun, family, togetherness, resilience and grit.

“I am who I am because of my parents,” Mary Pat said. “They taught me to work hard, keep at it when things were tough, and to be kind and stay positive. My parents both worked in education and both Brian and I followed in their footsteps. They modeled community engagement and doing everything at 100%.”

Joan and Frederick’s investment into their kids’ lives is coming full circle, as they have molded them all into the characters they hoped they would become. The memories and impact are endless, and Brian and Mary Pat hope they continue on for many decades more.

“Mom and Dad, we are so proud of you for achieving this milestone – 50 years of marriage! Thank you for teaching us how to love, the importance of family, and for giving us such an amazing childhood. I will forever cherish those memories and look forward to the memories we will continue to make together.” – Mary Pat

“We want you to know how much we love and care about you, how grateful we are for the life you have given us and the lives you have touched over the years, how much we cherish the memories of all the great times that we have had together, and how much we look forward to all the great moments and milestones to come.” – Brian

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