‘She Completes Me’: Greg knows that his life got better when Cinthia walked in it, and he is thankful

Greg Workman loves his wife, Cinthia, more than anything in the world, and with good reason.

Cinthia is the most loving and adoring wife that he could ever ask for. She shows him how to love on a daily basis, and she reminds him the importance of being the best version of yourself every single day. Greg could not imagine a life without Cinthia, and he is looking forward to spending an eternity with her.

“I am celebrating spending my life with the most wonderful woman ever,” Greg said. “She came into my life over nine years ago and immediately made it better. Her care and warm heart and demeanor are second to none.”

There is nothing but compassion in Cinthia’s heart, and Greg is grateful for this. She is constantly there for him, and she is constantly there for his kids as well.

It is not every day that you marry someone who treats their stepkids as if the word step did not exist, but that is exactly what Cinthia does. She makes Austin, Samantha and Jackson’s lives infinitely better just as she does Greg’s, and Greg is super thankful for this.

“She is warm and loving with all of my kids,” Greg said.

Cinthia supports her stepchildren in any way she possibly can. She is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when they need her to be, and this is something truly admirable.

It should come as no surprise, however, as Cinthia has always been this way with everyone. She treats every single person around her with nothing but love and respect, and she is completely and utterly selfless.

Cinthia has a well-rounded personality and is someone who treats everyone well, and that is truly amazing.

“I admire her strength of character and spirit,” Greg said. “My wife is caring, loving and warmhearted.”

There is not a single thing that Cinthia would not do for the people she cares about, and this is simply remarkable. She shows people what a selfless and compassionate love looks like, and it is something that people are constantly learning from.

People also look up to Cinthia in many ways. She has so much character and is someone that more people should strive to be like.

“She is funny, beautiful, smart, caring and loving,” Greg said.

Cinthia has some wits about her and she is someone who is also very attractive. She is a hard worker too, as she works at the VA and is admired very much by her colleagues.

To Greg, she means the absolute world. She brings him joy and love and laughter, and he is so thankful for her.

“She is my everything,” he stated.

Over the nine-plus years of being together, Cinthia has also made a lifetime of memories with Greg. From the time they met to their engagement to their wedding, everything they have done together has been memorable.

There have also been trips to Paris, Costa Rica, Napa, Panama and Cabo, and they have all been worthwhile because Cinthia was there by Greg’s side.

But as great as those memories are, none top this one that stuck out to Greg:

“Spending time with Maximina here in the states and taking her to casinos (code word Red Cross) to gamble.”

Maxima is Cinthia’s mom who she cherishes so much, and that is yet another reason why Greg loves his wife so much. She puts family as the priority, and she realizes just how important they are to her.

Between her family, her friends and everyone in between, the love and dedication Cinthia has for everyone is truly immaculate, and Greg and everyone else all around her appreciate this fact. She makes everyone’s lives so much better, and she is truly admired.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Cinthia is the love of Greg’s life. He loves the fact that he gets to call her his wife, and he is looking forward to the future with her. He knows that the future is bright because of just how amazing she is, and he is thankful.

“I have loved Cinthia from the beginning, and continue to love her more every day and with every new memory that we share. Plus, she is the reason that Radar Day means so much to all of us. Love you Cinthia!” – Greg

she completes me

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