Tonia Kauffman: ‘A literal gift to the world and the Kauffman family’

When thinking of sympathetic people who care for others, Tonia Kauffman should be one of the first people that pops up in your mind…

The youngest of four children, she has always done things her own way. As a teacher in an emotional support elementary classroom, Tonia works very hard and dedicates everything she does to those children.

To one of her own children, Mandy, Tonia’s job seems demanding. But she always helps manage the emotional needs of her students without any hesitation.

“Teaching children who need emotional support is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but she is amazing at what she does and her students are blessed to have her,” Mandy said. “She is a literal gift to this earth.”

Mandy’s love and appreciation for Tonia is also reflected with the countless things that she learned from her mom over the years.

“I’ve learned so much from my mom, I don’t even know where to start,” Mandy said. “She has taught me how to be caring, accepting, open-minded, authentic, strong and what real love feels like every day.”

Tonia’s amazing authentic character has helped shape Mandy to grow into a better person in every aspect of her life, especially when times are tough. Tonia has always been a huge supporter who stands behind Mandy’s back.

“I want her to know that even through tough times when I may not be the best, I love how supportive and caring she is,” Mandy said. “I would do anything for you as I know you would do the same for me. I love you, Mom.”

Additionally, Tonia’s unwavering love has contagiously affected her other child, Joshua.

“My mom has helped me through many life challenges, so I’d say she means everything to me. She also unconditionally helped me no matter my situation without judgment,” he said.

As time has gone by under the positive influence of Tonia, Joshua has learned to be good to others and stand up for himself when others are not being good.

“I’m glad you are in my life and have supported me through so much. Thank you for being there for me through everything. I’m happy and proud to call you my mom,” Joshua said.

On top of being a life guideline and motivator to her children, Tonia is also a thoughtful and loving spouse to her significant other, Keith.

Tonia has become Keith’s life partner for over 25 years, and Keith admires so much of how Tonia always goes out of her way and devotes herself to the family.

“She is generous and caring, and she means everything to me. Life with her continues to get better with age,” Keith said.

Being together for years comes with limitless incredible memories.

“I remember when Tonia worked as ‘Duke the Dragon’ – a theme park mascot- when the children were young,” Keith said. “She loved trick-or-treat and made fun costumes for the children. Also, she started and coached a competitive cheer team when Mandy’s team folded unexpectedly.”

From Keith’s words, we could know that Tonia is the whole world to him, and Keith knows every little thing that his best half feels passionate to do in her free time.

“She loves spending time at the beach, restaurants and with her mother-in-law who recently passed away. She is also an artist and loves all things Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Peanuts,” Keith said. “Halloween is her favorite holiday, and she loves watching the Wizard of Oz, especially the Wicked Witch of the West.”

Tonia is truly a rock star and an angel who is beautiful inside and out, to both Keith and her two kids. The unconditional love and affection between them has also been felt by their children.

“She is my dad’s ride-or-die,” Mandy said. “My mom and dad trust each other completely and do not keep secrets. Their relationship has taught me so much about love.”

On the other hand, Joshua said, “My mom always keeps my dad in check. She will always help someone in need no matter who they are and will give them more than she takes.”

Beyond all these warm and caring qualities of Tonia, the Kauffmans are drawn to her extraordinary personality, and they really want to show how much they love her and how nice of a person she is.

She does not like to be the center of attention, so on her special day for the past several years together with Keith and the kids, they have been spending her November birthday weekend at Bethany Beach, to celebrate..

Tonia is blessed to have her Mom, Judy and her three siblings Butch, Rick, and Tina all living nearby along with 10 Nieces and Nephews she loves to shower with gifts.

Tonia is certainly a light brought into the Kauffman’s lives. Without her, their world would turn into complete darkness and wouldn’t be the same as it is today.

“Happy birthday Tonia. The best is yet to come from you.” — Keith, Josh and Mandy


Tonia Kauffman: ‘A literal gift to the world and the Kauffman family’

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