A Special Couple: It might have taken Hope and Hal a little while in life to find one another, but they have made their time together count

True love finds a way.

Erich Sillett knows this to be the case because he has seen it firsthand with his mom, Hope, and stepdad, Hal Nordwall. They have been together for decades, and during that time Erich has seen their love constantly grow.

Throughout their marriage, Hope and Hal have found a way to make a difference in many people’s lives as well. They are both selfless, altruistic people, and they do so much for the people around them.

“They’ve made a huge impact in my life in so many ways and situations,” Erich said. “They have helped me as a child, an adult, a son and as a father. They are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, positive and generous, and we’ve been through so many great times together, along with a few rough ones.”

Through all of life’s ups and downs, however, one thing has remained the same… Hope and Hal’s love. Their love for each other is a sight to behold, but their love for other people is also very amazing.

Throughout Erich’s life, he has had the privilege to watch Hope and Hal support their own passions and talents, while uplifting so many lives all around them and showing what care and compassion looks like.

“They’ve meant so much and have been the best role models I could ever ask for,” Erich said. “They supplied me with all of the love and support anyone could need. I’m lucky to have had them both in my life for so long and I appreciate them both so very much.”

So why exactly does Erich appreciate Hope and Hal so much? On top of them being his parental figures, they have also been his number one support system throughout the years. He has known that he can count on his parents no matter what, and that their love for him will never waver.

On top of this, they have shown him the brighter side of life. Despite going through some negative points in his life, they showed him how to shed a positive light on the situation, and for that he is forever grateful.

“They have both been incredibly supportive over the years, always making time to talk and assist,” Erich said. “They have been there for a ton of events, situations, ball games, concerts and life events. They were incredibly supportive with both my marriage and divorce. They were also there for both of my kids’ births, flying from North Carolina to support us and helping as much as they could, both before and after bringing the kids home.”

It was amazing to see Hope and Hal transform from parents to grandparents the way they did. They have made life so much fun for their three grandchildren, and they have helped make life that much easier for their two children by supporting their passions, education and dreams.

Being people who are constantly there for others, particularly family, should not come as a surprise either. It’s just part of Hope and Hal’s DNA and it is part of who they are.

“I admire their honesty, care and ability to lend the right kind of support and engagement for the key situations in my life,” Erich said. “Just having them there over the years – whether it’s been in person, over the phone or a video call – has been a blessing and something I have turned to and relied on countless times.”

Erich having his parents to turn to throughout all of life’s challenges and amazing moments has meant the world to him. He knows Hope and Hal are both people who want what is best for everyone.

Their lights shine bright wherever they go, and for that they are appreciated beyond belief.

“Hope is positive, kind, thoughtful, energetic, honest, level-headed and tough, but fair,” Erich said.

“Hal is genuine, supportive, funny, honest, strong-willed and loyal,” he added.

Hope and Hal’s personalities as individuals are special. But their personalities as a couple? Absolutely extraordinary.

They are a blast to be around and anyone who knows them realizes just how lucky they are to have this well-traveled, well-versed couple in their lives.

Erich, Domenique, Derich, Leigh and Devan all appreciate Hope and Hal, and they want both of them to know they are surrounded by love and affection from all.

“I want them to know just how much I appreciate and love them both. I will be forever grateful for all of their love, support, wisdom, guidance and dedication that they’ve provided to me, my sons, the family and to each other.” – Erich

a special couple

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