‘She’s Our Everything’: Just when you thought a man could not appreciate his mother any more than the next, Dave Wright is here to tell you otherwise

There is just something about the bond between a mother and son that is completely irreplaceable.

When Dave Wright talks about his mom, Peggy, that is exactly the feeling he has. He has such a fond appreciation of everything she has done for him and his entire family, and he could not imagine their world spinning without Peggy being an integral part of it.

“First of all, she is my mom and hero,” Dave said. “My mom has always been there for our entire family through thick and thin. We have had loss and hard times but she keeps us all together as an incredibly strong family unit. She’s always there to help and guide, nurture and love. She is uplifting and brave, and always there when you need her. She’s the best mom a guy could ask for.”

Whether you are talking about Dave, his sister Meredith and their late brother Doug, Peggy’s husband Fred, her grandkids – Jake and Maddie – or anyone in between, any of them will tell you how much they can rely upon Peggy and know that she is always going to be there for you.

She shows so much love and compassion for everyone, and for her, family comes before EVERYTHING. Family has always been the most integral part of Peggy’s life, and it is something that has never and will never change.

“I admire her endless devotion to family, unconditional love and care, and patience,” Dave said. “She’s giving, understanding, kind, and so thoughtful. She is the ultimate matriarch. Everything she has ever done has been selfless and for others. She is an inspiration. I love her so much.”

In all her years, one thing that Peggy has never done is put herself first. She would rather give people the shirt off her back and the last plate of food in her fridge than make sure she is taken care of first, and that is just one of the plethora of reasons why she is beloved by so many.

She cares so much about so many, and when it comes to her two grandkids in particular, you notice a different glow about her. She is so loving toward everyone, but she adores her grandchildren more than anything. She cherishes all the time she gets to spend with them, and Dave knows they will gain a strong appreciation for the time spent with Grandma as they grow older.

“My mom loves to read, do crosswords, spend time with her dog Callie and most of all, be with her kids and grandkids,” Dave said. “She is not just the best mom, but the best grandma. She loves reading books to Jake and watching little Madelyn grow. Of all her interests and hobbies, her family always comes first. Grandma always brings a smile and warming hugs.”

Talk about an awesome woman!

Peggy is the grandma many kids dream about having, and Dave knows just how lucky his kids are to have such an amazing grandma.

It comes as no surprise, either, as Dave knew that his mother would turn into the grandmother she is today. He knew just by how much she loved on him and his siblings, as well as how hard she always worked to provide for them, that her amazing skills as a mother would translate into being a devoted, caring grandmother as well.

Peggy never shorted her children on the life lessons, and they are lessons that her kids make use of in their everyday lives.

“My mom has always encouraged, motivated and, when needed, driven me to success in all I have done,” Dave said. “Whether it was struggling with studies as a young kid and countless hours spent at the Kearny house kitchen table reviewing note cards, or working day and night with me to help me find the perfect college, or motivating me through joining my dad’s financial planning practice as a young man.

“When we lost Doug, the family went through hell. But my mom was there to pick us up and make sure our family stayed strong. We may be one down, but we are even stronger and more appreciative of what life truly is all about – family and each other.”

If you ever need a pick-me-up, Peggy is just the woman to see. There are not many things in life that have the ability to discourage her, and that is why she is the true matriarch of the family. She handles life’s lows like a boss, and that is one of the many things that makes her who she is.

There is no doubt in Dave’s mind that he would not be the man he is today without his parents, especially his mom, and there is truly not a day that goes by where he does not appreciate Peggy for all she has and will continue to do for him and his family. She is one-of-a-kind, and she is the best there is.

“I love you so much ma. I’m wiping tears from my face writing up this interview. This is a testament to how incredible you are. You and dad are my world. Thank you for everything you did and still do every day to make me the man I am today. We all love you so much, and I know Doug is with me writing this story. Most of all, thanks for the nickname SQUAVE. It’s the coolest ever :)” – Daveshe's our everything

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