Our Backbone: Sherri Richmond offers her kids incredible love and support while helping them to become kind people who are ‘helpers’

As a mother of four and the leader of a family, Sherri Richmond knew from the time her oldest, Seth, was born that she had an enormous job in front of her. She was tasked with raising Seth, Abby, Gracie and Eli to the best of her ability and giving them the tools they needed to be decent people who could thrive and find happiness in their lives. That has been her focus since Day 1 as a mother, and from her kids’ perspective, has been nothing short of a rousing success.

Sherri has been reliable and fun, supporting all of her children in everything they do while also teaching them by her own example how to treat others and be kind. She has a variety of her own hobbies – being outside is at the top of her list – but truly, she loves nothing more than being with her family, no matter what they are doing. Above all else, that feeling of making family a priority resonates with all four of her kids. 

“Her job is to be the greatest mother of all time, and she sure does that,” Eli said. “She is who I look up to. She is my backbone. My mom has given me so much in life, from my traits to the way I act. She is my everything. I love my mom so much and I wouldn’t be anything without her.”

Sherri uses the term “helper” to teach her kids how to interact with the world. Whatever is going on, she believes in being a positive force who makes people and situations better. That attitude is far beyond lip service and is part of the very fiber of what makes her family special.

Sherri offers relentless support to her children and carries herself with kindness, which she demonstrates during both good times and challenges.

“Her kindness and willingness to always be a helper makes her special,” Seth said. “She is kind to everyone she meets and if there’s an issue she is always there to try and solve it as best she can. She always tells us to be a helper and she’s the No. 1 helper.”

The lesson in that approach is two-fold and includes the idea that kindness and decency don’t have to come at the expense of ambitions or goals. Sherri has an inner light that shines and inspires a deep sense of belief in herself and in her children’s ability to accomplish what they put their mind to. And in doing so, they can exude happiness.

Again, Sherri is there to build her children up with words of support. But even more importantly, she is a perfect example of the very same principles.

“I admire her for her spirit,” Abby said. “She truly believes she can accomplish anything and because of this she does just that: accomplishes everything. I think this is probably one of the best qualities to possess as a mother because she is proving that you really can accomplish anything you put your mind to. She continually proves that we can have it all and be happy doing it.”

Hard work, positivity and joy are all prevailing themes among Sherri’s children because they have seen those qualities in motion through their mom. Whether she knows or not, Gracie says her mom offers her encouragement on days she needs it most and helps her see the best in herself. The same can be said of all four kids, which is perhaps Sherri’s greatest gift.

Without a doubt, Seth, Abby, Gracie and Eli are the people they are today, in no small part, because of the impact their mom has made on them. 

“My mom is an awesome mom because of how hard she works,” Gracie said. “She is always giving us things, telling us helpful things, showing us how to do better. She is always thinking of us. You could tell her you need something in a week and she will have it the next day. She would do anything for us. She has taught me how to be a good person. She pushes me to be better and helps me when I need it. She is the reason I am the person I am today.”our backbone

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