Soulmate: Rorry Skora prioritizes family and a strong work ethic above all else

Rorry Skora is the epitome of someone who puts others first.

No matter the situation, Rorry will make sure that it is benefiting the people around her. She cares so much about other people and always wants what is best for them.

“Rorry has a generous heart,” her husband Tom said. “There is not a person or situation out there that Rorry would not be willing to help. Rorry has a natural talent/gift of making everyone she meets feel they are the most important person at that particular time. Rorry is accepting, patient, and empathetic in every situation.”

For anyone who meets Rorry, they are taken aback by how much she cares about them right away. She could know someone for 15 minutes or 15 years, and it would not matter. She will always make that person feel like they have been best friends for a lifetime.

“My mom has always modeled empathy and compassion towards others as I was growing up,” her daughter Dani said. I continue to try and be just as thoughtful and caring as she is.”

Living as compassionately as Rorry is a tall task, and most people are not up to that challenge. That is not a knock on other people, but is a testament to Rorry’s nature and personality.

“The words ‘me first’ are not part of Rorry’s nature,” Tom said. “In a time where ‘me first’ is rampant throughout the country, Rorry travels a different road where she sets aside her own needs and looks to the next situation where she can help others. This includes mom and dad, the kids, grandkids, relatives, friends, clients and me too! I am blessed as her husband to see this giving every day!”

Rorry always gives and never asks for anything in return. She does not do these things for praise or rewards, but instead for contentment. Putting others first always brings a smile to Rorry’s face, and that is more than enough for her.

“My mom is without a doubt the most selfless person I know,” Dani said. “She is always going above and beyond for everyone in her life, no matter if you’ve just met or have been lucky enough to know her for years. She gets happiness from making other people happy.”

Growing up, Dani remembers how Rorry babysat many of the neighborhood kids, and she would spend time playing with them all day long. Instead of letting the kids run all around the house and the neighborhood by themselves, she joined in with them. From playing with Barbie dolls to doing treasure hunts, Rorry loved spending time with her kids and their friends as they were growing up.

“My mom was always ready for the next adventure and encouraged our creativity and fun,” Dani said.

And while Rorry’s selflessness stands out above all other traits, that is not the only thing that makes her who she is.

“My mom is the most patient, forgiving, and go-with-the-flow person,” Rorry’s daughter Brittany said. “I admire her unrelenting positivity in stressful times. She can find the good in everyone and her love for life and the little things is contagious. I look up to her ability to handle everything life throws at her with grace and an open-heart. She has this non-judgmental warmth about her that allows you to tell her anything.”

Rorry always sees the bright side of things. Whether it be a 24 hour car trip with no air conditioning or if someone is just having a bad day, she sees the positive in every situation and will always cheer people up.soulmate

“Rorry is a model of diligence, hard work, and a keen understanding of people’s needs,” Tom said. “Rorry has often said, ‘I love showing homes and helping clients find their dream home.’”

Even in the most innocent and simple situations, Rorry loves bringing a smile to people’s faces and helping them out in any way she can. She also puts a lot of thought and care into her work, and wants to do everything right.

“Although a hard worker, Rorry enjoys the simple things in life,” Tom said. “If it centers around the family, be it a get together at our home, FaceTiming with the grandkids, or an after dinner walk with me there is a sense of peace and fulfillment.”

Dani also said her mother always supports her and her sister, no matter what is going on. Through the easiest and toughest situations, Rorry always has her family’s back.

“She is loving, accepting, encouraging, forgiving, and generous with no hidden agenda or stipulations put upon the kids or grandkids,” Tom said. “What’s hers is yours if you need it. She is no fool however the need must be real and for the good of the family. This is always the case.”

This is the attitude that Tom has learned, and this is also the attitude Rorry’s daughters have learned from their mother over the years, and that is the attitude they try to reciprocate in life.

“She is the best mom because she is the best listener,” Brittany said. “She never pushes for us to do anything, but guides us with the most amazing advice. There has never been a problem I have encountered that I didn’t feel like I could talk to my mom about, and I know she feels the same way about talking to me too. I love that about our adult mother-daughter relationship. She still has so much knowledge and wisdom to share, I appreciate it even more now that I am a mom myself.”

Brittany called her mom irreplaceable in her life, as she not only makes an impact on Brittany’s life, but also Brittany’s daughter’s life.

“She always puts first what I want to do, she helps us fix things and she’s really nice,” Brittany’s daughter, Ellie, said.

“Through the years we’ve played together, fought over clothes and phone time, lived in the same town and apart, shared friends, clothes, bedrooms, and belongings, laughed and cried together (you cried and I was sarcastically funny but we have always been close,” Tammy Balogh, Rorry’s sister said. “Rorry pours her whole self into everything she does. I am so grateful God gave us her. I love u sis.”

From making her grandkids feel like the most special person in the room, to making someone she just met feel like the most special person in the room, Rorry is the most thoughtful and caring person you will ever meet.

“What a wonderful daughter she is! A great wife, mother, aunt, grandma, and friend to all she meets. We are so proud of her for all that she has accomplished.” – Roy and Nancy Halverson

“There are so many things to be thankful for in our lives but the one that surfaces for us when we are sharing our private time together is how blessed we are to have found each other. Soulmates and yes, best friends.” – Tom

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