Steps to having the perfect Father’s Day


Father’s Day is tomorrow, and we want everyone to have a great day with their Dads. That said, we have broken down the steps that we think might help Dad have a happy Father’s Day.

Step one: Order a story from My FrontPage Story today

What is the perfect Father’s Day without the perfect gift? That said, order Dad a gift that he can cherish forever. With a story from My FrontPage Story, it will never wear out because our stories last forever.

While you will have to tell Dad that his gift is on the way, order with Deadline Delivery to get your gift even sooner.

One of our professional journalists will conduct interviews and turn the words that you and your family says about Dad into a journalistic piece. We take your interviews and create newspaper-style stories that will put your Dad in the spotlight. While he is not going to grace the cover of The New York Times of The Washington Post, he will still be bracing the front-page of a news story that he can keep forever.

Step two: Make Dad breakfast

Just like you do for Mom on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is your day to make breakfast for Dad. Whether he likes pancakes and sausage or eggs and bacon, make Dad the breakfast he enjoys for his special day.

Step three: Tell Dad his gift is on the way

No matter where you get Dads gift from, it is unlikely he will get his gift by tomorrow. The case is the same with us. And while we cannot guarantee we can get you Dad’s gift by tomorrow, we can guarantee that it will be worth the look on his face when he does receive his gift.

Since he will not be getting his gift on Father’s Day, why not get him something that will be worth waiting for? He will be happy when he receives his story, so make him feel at ease that he is not getting his gift tomorrow.

Step four: Do the activities he enjoys

Do not stop at breakfast and gifts. For Father’s Day, make his whole day enjoyable by giving him the chance to hang out with his kid(s) for the day. Nothing will truly make Dad happier than by getting to hang out with his kids for a whole day doing things he enjoys.

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