A perfect illustration of why MyFrontPageStory is such a powerful gift experience

Sheldon Carlin is a remarkable man who has lived a remarkable life, and it’s plain to see how much his family loves and appreciates him. For his 85th birthday, his son Rob came to MyFrontPageStory to get his dad a gift that let him know just how admired he really is.

The Carlins are part of a family that is open about its feelings, and still Sheldon said he had no idea that his children and grandchildren had so much love and respect for him until he read their thoughts in story form. On a milestone birthday, a feature story about his life helped solidify those feelings in a way that Sheldon can read and enjoy as often as he likes.

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Tears of joy were shed as Rob read the story aloud to his dad. It was a priceless moment, and we were delighted to play a small part in making Sheldon’s day special. He is a wonderful man who deserves it!

The same experience can be had for graduations, anniversaries, retirements, Mother’s Day, holidays and so much more! To learn more about our mission, check out our FAQs page or better yet, place an order for someone you love today!


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