Unique Father’s Day gifts


Father’s Day is two days away, so odds are you have already bought Dad his gift. If you are like many others, however, and you waited until now to start looking, consider one of these unique Father’s Day gifts for Dad.

Adoric Ice Cube Trays

This set of two ice cube makers comes with ice ball shapes and large cubes. The ice balls make for a great cooling device for your cold brews and mojitos. Rather than the typical cube shapes that most ice cubes are made in, the ice ball can make for an interesting change and a different fit in your glass.

This set also comes with large cube shapes, which fit great in Dad’s whiskey glass. The adoric ice cube trays make for a great gift for Dads who love their whiskey, or even if they just like having an ice cold drink of any type.

Gskyer Telescope

You do not have to pay an arm and a leg for Dad to see deep into space. With the Gskyer Telescope, Dad can even hook up his phone and capture perfect images of space that he can keep forever. This telescope allows Dad to get a great view of space without going to the planetarium.

Digital Photo Frame

If you have a lot of photo memories that you want Dad to have all in one place, this digital photo frame is the perfect gift for Dad. It will allow him to see a bunch of photos in an automated slideshow rather than having to hang a bunch of photo frames all over the house or keep them stored away in a photo album.

Dad also will not have to worry about smudging his fingers on the corners of printed photos or have to look back in his phone for the photos he is looking for. With this digital photo frame, they are all in one place.

My FrontPage Story

If Dad is sentimental or cherishes memories in any way, My Front Page Story is a great gift to get. A professional journalist will set up an interview with you and up to two other people, and then they will write a newspaper-style about your Dad.

Whether you want to remind Dad how much he means to you or if you just want to have a specific memory stored on the mantel forever. Dad can hang or place his story anywhere and have it as a keepsake he can keep forever.

Add Deadline Delivery to your order to move your story to the top of our reporter’s notebook, and we will try to get your story done by Father’s Day.

Sega Genesis Mini

If you want Dad to feel nostalgic this Father’s Day, get him a gift that is more from his time. The Sega Genesis Mini is a great gift to get Dad if he grew up playing video games and has a difficult time with the new age systems.

Floor Speaker

If Dad wants surround sound or if he just wants to crank up the music from time to time, the JBL Studio 580 is a great gift to get him, and there is a massive sale on it right now. That sounds like a win-win!

DNA Test

If Dad is wondering about some of his distant relatives and who he is related to further back in time than your grandparents can remember, this is a good gift to get him for Father’s Day. He can send in a swab of DNA and ancesty.com will run it through their system to find familial matches.

Compact Shovel

Get ahead on the winter shopping for Dad. With the compact shovel, Dad can keep it stored in his car to help him shovel his way out no matter where he is at. Do not let him get stuck at work this upcoming snow season.

Standing Desk

If Dad is looking to get in shape or wants to keep his spinal health high, get him a standing desk to help him stand while he works. This will help him keep his blood flowing and will help him stay in better health while he is working.

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