‘The One For Me’: Matt loves his wife more than anything, and he is so grateful to have her in his life

To Matt Zook, his wife Jennifer is the most amazing person in the world… and there are many people who would tend to agree.

“There are many people that do love her and care about her despite what she thinks,” Matt said. “She is a beautiful and wonderful woman, and she’s my best friend.”

Matt and Jennifer met when they were in their late teens and learned exactly what young love meant, and they have not looked back since. They have stuck by one another’s side day in and day out, and Matt is more than grateful for his wonderful wife.

Not only is Jennifer an amazing wife, but a wonderful mom. She has helped raise Matalyn, Wyatt and Emalee into great kids, and Matt knows they will turn into wonderful adults because of who their mother and role model are. 

“She is a very caring and understanding person,” he said. “She’s a wonderful wife and mother to our three kids and always sees the best in everyone. ”

Matt and Jennifer also have three dogs – two of them being rescues – and Matt knows Jennifer would do absolutely anything for them. She is so careful and considerate of their furbabies, much like she is with their children.

Jennifer is that way with anyone and everyone, as she makes sure that everyone around her knows they have someone in their corner, providing for them at all times. She is selfless and there for you if you need anything, day or night, and she will drop a hat in an instance to make sure she is there for you.

“She wants to give advice to anyone to make their situation better,” Matt said. “She had the confidence to go back to school later in life when some people doubted her.”

Jennifer is encouraging to other people, too, and it is not just by way of giving them advice, but by way of living by example. She became an LPN two years ago after spending close to two decades as a medical assistant, showing that your dreams and goals are never too far out of reach.

Jennifer would do anything for the good of her friends and family, and she is just always making sure that she is putting the needs of others above her own.

“She wants to help and take care of her family no matter what,” Matt said. “She wants the best for everyone, even if it hurts her. She’s an all-around caring person.”

Jennifer has a wonderful personality and is truly genuine with everyone. She cares so much and has a huge heart, and Matt is glad that he gets to call her his wife every moment of every day.

“I love her more than anything in this world,” he said. “We have been together through all the bad times and good times in life, and there is no one else I would rather have by my side. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I have never met someone so compassionate and caring, and she is my one and only true love.”

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

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