Tireless Love: Cathy Herring never gets tired of loving anything and everything around her

Nothing is more important to Cathy Herring than the life of another human being or animal. She cares for every single thing that has life, and her family is very appreciative of the love and care she shows every single day.

“Cathy is the kindest person I have ever met,” her husband, Garth, said. “She loves hard. She is such an animal advocate that she puts insects outside instead of squishing them.”

She values life over anything else, and people are very drawn to this true kindness she shows every day.

Cathy loves helping people and animals in any way she can, and this can be evidenced by the weekly program she volunteers at each week.

“Cathy is active in a horse riding program that teaches horsemanship to special needs students,” Garth said. “She volunteers each week and often leads the lessons. She has made many lifelong friends through this.“

Cathy is all about helping others, and it truly shows all the time.

When she is not volunteering, she can be seen visiting people from church. She has a special friend, Pearl who lives alone and is 99 years old. They are frequently seen around town going shopping or out to eat pizza. There is not a single soul she does not try to touch, and she is not afraid to get down and pray with someone out in public.

“Cathy is active in her church,” Garth said. “It is common for her to listen and pray with folks in the grocery store, the doctor’s office or anywhere she feels she can help people.”

Anytime she can help people, Cathy does.

She also helps on the family Christmas tree farm, where she is the Vice President and Secretary. She loves the fact that she can work with her family and help her family out in any way she can.

She is such a family-centric person, and she has always taught the importance of this to her husband and two children, Jessica and Casey.

“As I became a mother myself, I started to realize how I have modeled some of my own parenting style after hers,” Jessica said. “She places a lot of value on the relationships in her life and is continuously trying to nurture those connections. I’ve learned to love deeply and to let those dear to me know how I feel. I’ve learned to not be afraid to stand up for what I believe in. She has taught me the value of family and connections over possessions and money.”

Beliefs and values are important, and Cathy will be sure to let you know that. She believes that you have to put these two things in front of any sort of worldly possession, and once you learn to do that, your lifestyle will change drastically, in a good way.

“Cathy always puts family first,” Garth said. “She worked ‘round the clock to do her best for her kids. She was loving and strict at the same time. “

No matter what was going on at work or in the life around her, Cathy has always made it pertinent that her family comes before any of it.

She has always gone out of her way to make sure her children’s needs are met, and she is always there at the drop of a hat. Whatever her kids need, she makes sure she gets them taken care of, even as they are grown up and out of the house, and she has always made the people closest to her feel extra special.

“She has a really good moral compass and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in,” Jessica said. “She is playful, goofy and fun.”

Cathy has put in countless hours to make sure that her family was always taken care of, first and foremost, and now she has been blessed with six grandchildren, all of whom she loves very much. She is an awesome grandmother, and she is somehow an even better person in general.

Cathy Herring is an amazing individual who deserves to be celebrated every single day, and her family appreciates her for all she has done for them.

“I want her to know how much she is loved by us all and appreciated even when we don’t always show it.” – Jessica

“I want Cathy to know how much I love her. She was a great mother to our children and a good partner to walk through this life with. I appreciate all the little things she does for people when nobody is watching.” – Garth

tireless love

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