Very Selfless: Danielle Sausville is a loving wife and mother who would do anything for her family

Not all online dates lead to marriage and children, but for this couple, it has… and so much more.

When Jeff first met his wife, Danielle, he knew there was something special about her. He saw something in her that he did not see in anyone he had ever gone out with before, and she wound up becoming a constant in his life.

Danielle is a person who is willing to make sacrifices for her family, and she is someone that will always put others before herself, and Jeff admires this about her every single day.

“She is the absolute most selfless person who puts our family first,” Jeff said. “She’s the most wonderful mother.”

The way that Danielle raises their two-year-old daughter, Willow, is a constant reminder that Jeff made the right choice in marrying Danielle over six years ago.

When it comes to Willow, nothing will stand in the way. Danielle will make sure that her daughter is always taken care of, and the motherly traits she has are second to none.

“She loves watching the Bravo channel and most of their programming,” Jeff said. “Any free time lately, though, is consumed with our two year old daughter, whether it’s taking her to swim or gymnastics.”

Danielle does not find much time to herself nowadays, and that is exactly the way she likes it.

As long as Willow is happy and is getting out and trying new things, then Danielle is as happy as a clam.

She always wants what is best for her daughter, and she loves the bond she has with Willow.

“Danielle is completely selfless and knows what’s best for our daughter,” Jeff said. “She is the best parent and makes our family work. She always knows what’s best for us.”

Danielle puts her family of three before anything in the world, and she always takes care of them.

And now, their family of three is going to expand to a family of four in February, and Danielle could not be more ecstatic.

Jeff is so proud of the way his wife is as a mother already, and he knows that she will be the best mom to their son as well.

He is glad to be with Danielle until the end of time, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for them.

“As busy as we both are, there may be times where I don’t always say it, but never does a day go by that I don’t know how lucky me and our kids are to have her in our lives. I love her with all my heart and just love and appreciate everything she does for our family.” – Jeff

very selfless

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