Waiting For A Lifetime of Love: Jo and Mark finally had their son, and it is something that they have wanted for so long

When Mark first met his wife, JoAnne Clemitson-Daws, he knew there was something about her that was just special. From her dedication to her tenacity to everything in between, Jo is a truly one of a kind woman.

“I always liked and respected Jo for her hard work, tenacity and positivity, and once we started our romantic journey, I could not imagine my life without her,” Mark said. “We have done so much, seen so many things and visited so many wonderful places.”

Life with Jo is way better than anything Mark could have ever imagined. She is the love of his life, his best friend, his saving grace and the one person he cannot live without… Well, her and one other person, but we’ll get to that.

Jo is just an all-out amazing wife to Mark, and she is also a great family member to her loved ones. She is super close with her parents, sisters, nieces and nephews, and Mark will tell you he has never met a more tight-knit family than them.

Hailing from South Africa, Jo has since moved from there, but that has not stopped her and her family from being super close.

“Jo is an amazing mother, sister, daughter, friend and life partner,” Mark said. “She is extremely successful in work. She is kind, smart, driven, resourceful and has the touch of a painter. And let’s not forget her taste for all things expensive…”

These are all the makings of a wonderful woman, which is exactly what Jo is. She is special in every way and moves through life with total grace. 

Jo is a family oriented person as well. Family is the number one priority for her, and nothing else really comes close.

“Jo is just a kind, truthful, caring and totally committed family person,” Mark said. “Her love for her parents, sisters, friends and her own family grows stronger every day.”

And remember that one other person outside of Jo that Mark cannot live without? That would be their few-month-old son.

Oliver was born earlier on February 17, 2023, and he is the son they have been waiting and praying for. The Clemitson-Daws family has been trying to get pregnant for a couple years now, and when they finally did, they were overwhelmed by emotion. 

And now that Oliver is here, Mark gets to see the love and bond between Oliver and Jo. Jo was born to be a mom, and it is something that Mark is beyond proud to witness each and every day.

“We had tried for more than two years to have Oliver and managed to, by the grace of God and great medical practices, have our prince,” Mark exclaimed.

Just like Jo was worth the wait, so was having Oliver.

Every single day, it seems as though Jo somehow grows as a mother. She is already top notch, but that does not stop her from finding ways to grow.

For Jo, it is all about Oliver. She loves that little boy so much and she makes sure that he is nourished and loved day in and day out. She cares so much about him, and as he grows older Mark knows she will become a role model in many ways to Oliver.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted, “Men are what their mothers made them.” Oliver could not have gotten off to a better start to what will be an amazing life.

Jo is also the glue that holds her family together. They know they could not do it without her, and that is why they are thankful for her every day.

“She is truly our rock and keeps us together,” Mark said. “Myself, Oliver, Lulu and Loki are extremely fortunate to have her in our lives and look forward to many memories to come.”

Jo is a truly special and remarkable person, and that is why Mark knows that Oliver has the best mother in the world to grow up with. He is lucky to have his traveling, shopping, hiking and foodie mother who loves being around family.

Oliver is also lucky to have a mother who is hardworking and super consistent. What you see is what you get with her, and her genuineness is through the roof.

“Jo is our anchor and is always consistent,” Mark said. “She is selfless and always puts the family’s needs before her own. She is extremely supportive and only wants the best for me. She makes me a very proud person and I have a great feeling of achievement knowing that I am building this life with her.”

The building of their life has been capped off (so far) by the birth of their son. After living in South Africa and traveling through Greece, Spain, Germany, Mauritius, Italy, Czech Republic, Namibia, USA and Austria, they have settled down in Canada. The life they have created for themselves is special, and that is all because of who Jo is.

“I am grateful to her in so many ways and I know it’s been a battle for her to have a child,” Mark said. “This, in a small way, allows me to honour her journey and thank her for her resilience and patience in getting what we wanted the most…. Oliver!”

Everything has led to this moment in their lives, and they are extremely excited to start this next chapter in their journey through life. Oliver is their little bundle of joy, and he brings so much excitement and adventure to the Clemitson-Daws family.

“To Oliver: We are so grateful for you. You are our Godsend and it makes me the happiest person to see how much your Mommy loves and appreciates you every day. Seeing you grow from day one has been a marvelous occasion and the day you arrived filled us with so much joy and emotion. You have the best Mommy in the world. I know your life is going to be amazing because of her.” – Mark

“To Jo: Thank you for choosing this journey of life with me. Thank you for our beautiful son, Oliver. Thank you for our beautiful home with our two amazing yet crazy dogs. Thank you for choosing me every day and for trusting in me so many years ago when I asked you to move away from your family so we could build the life you deserve! I hope and pray everyday that it has been worth it!” – Mark

Waiting For A Lifetime of Love: Jo and Mark

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