‘We Love Him Endlessly’: When Janine and her siblings talk about their dad, they talk about how he is always there for them and always supporting them

When you think of Jimmy Fiorella, you should think of a loving and devoted son, husband and father who would do anything for his family.

He is an enthusiastic man who gets along with everyone he comes into contact with, and he is a role model to his four children. Frances (23), Daniel (22), Janine (20) and Natalie (18) all look up to Jimmy and there is not a day that goes by where they are not appreciative that they get to call him Dad.

“One of our favorite qualities about our dad is his infectious laugh and smile,” Janine said. “He is the happiest person I’ve ever met and he is always seen with a smile on his face. Whether he makes us laugh with his goofy dad jokes or is laughing at something he said, he is constantly laughing. Sometimes you may even miss the punchline of a joke or story because of how loud his laugh is.”

Jimmy can brighten up any room just by walking into it and telling a joke. He is such a happy, fun-loving person who is optimistic about life.

Jimmy is also someone who puts forth maximum effort into everything he does. He is a hardworking individual and he is someone who never gives less than his best.

“I admire his passion for everything,” Frances said. “Any project he’s working on, meal he makes or story he is telling he goes through life passionately. I remember when I was in fourth grade and needed help on a project he stayed up all night perfecting his miniature clay cowboys so that my project would stand out. His work ethic and passion for everything he does in life continues to inspire me.”

“He inspires me to try my best in everything I do,” Natalie added. “He supports me through coming to my dance competitions and always supporting my dreams. It makes me want to be a better person and conduct myself the way he conducts himself in his daily life. He is such a hard worker and inspiring person and it’s something I strive to be.”

Jimmy’s children have clearly learned well from him, and now that they are all grown up, they are truly reaping the benefits of having such a great role model of a father growing up.

From the way he taught them to work hard to the way he showed them how to love your spouse the way he has loved their mother all these years, Jimmy’s life lessons never went unnoticed.

He has always put his family first, and with that he has always expressed to them the importance of experiences. Getting out in the world and exploring is something that does not happen without being proactive, and that is why he has always taken his family on adventures.

“One thing I think my dad has taught me is the importance of travel,” Daniel said. “Since I was younger, I would hear about his adventures in Australia and backpacking trips through Europe. Throughout my life my dad has continued traveling and I was lucky enough to be brought on the many trips and vacations he would take our family on. He inspired me most recently to take a trip to Europe and have adventures of my own.”

Daniel and the rest of the kids are more than grateful for all of these experiences they have had with their father, and they are just as grateful for all of the other memories and special moments he has helped create for them.

“I have so many memories with my dad that it is hard to pick just one that stands out the most,” Janine said. “I think what comes to mind when I think of our times together is our times in front of the TV. My dad is a movie enthusiast and I definitely inherited that part of him. Whether it be showing me ‘The Godfather’ at the ripe age of 8, striking my love for Wes Anderson in high school, or continuing our journey through all 25 Marvel movies without watching any without me, I know that he will be right by my side to watch anything.” 

This is a true testament to the husband and father that Jimmy is, as he is someone who is always there for his family, and they are more than thankful for him. They know that he is a special, one-of-a-kind father whose love for family will never waver, and they love him more than anything.

“I want him to know how much we love and appreciate him,” Janine said. “All the things he has done for us does not go unnoticed. He is the world’s best father and we love him endlessly.”we love him endlessly

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