What MyFrontPageStory.com can offer athletes looking to get recruited and land a scholarship

Too many young athletes work too hard to not get recognized. Just as many find the recruiting process tiresome and believe even just the slightest push can help the right coaches take notice. Athletes can control everything they can and still miss out on the scholarships they covet the most.

But what if publicity is something you CAN control, but aren’t? What if you don’t have to wait around for the local news outlet to come around and write a feature story on your achievements? That’s an area where MyFrontPageStory.com can lend a hand with a real, professionally written story that our staff will put directly in front of the coaches or athletic programs of your choosing.

Here’s what we believe we can offer for any athlete looking to get recruited and land a scholarship offer. There are no guarantees in this game, of course, but why not take command of your own image and let us launch a social media campaign on your behalf?

MyFrontPageStory.com benefits in your recruitment:

1. A story with a long shelf life on the web. A pro journalist will speak to you, your coach and/or anyone else who can help tell the story of your athletic career. We will incorporate any testing numbers, strengths, areas of focus, preferred schools, highlight videos or anything else you would like in the story. We’ll write a feature article about your career in the most strategic way possible.

2. Social media promotion. Whether coaches are looking for you through a search engine or on social media, we’ll make sure you’re there. With every story we write, we will launch a targeted social campaign that scatters your name on those platforms and targets the coaches, schools or teams of your choosing. It’s all free with the purchase of a basic story package, which starts at just $199.99.

3. A keepsake worth sharing. When the dust settles on your athletic career, these types of articles will tell the story about everything you accomplished. If your aim is to play at the next level, a publicity boost can help that cause, especially when it’s sent directly to the coaches and schools of your choice. But this will also be YOUR story and a memento you deserve. A FrontPage story will freeze some of your greatest moments time.

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