What would be a unique gift to get for a 50th birthday?

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend?

Looking for a birthday gift for your wife?

What about a birthday gift for your boyfriend or husband?

Are you just looking for a birthday gift for a good friend?

What about a gift for your best friend?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. And even if you did not answer yes to any of these questions, we encourage you to stay.

If you know someone who has their 50th birthday or their 73rd birthday coming up, then a FrontPage Story is the perfect gift for them.

Even if you do not know anyone who has a birthday coming up, you can get anyone in your life the perfect gift. So, whether you want to say Happy Birthday to them, or if you want them to wake up on Christmas morning to the most amazing gift they have ever received, then get them a story from us.

Need a last minute wedding gift? Get them a story from us.

Need an anniversary gift for a lovely couple? Then what are you waiting for? Visit our order page now and stop looking around for gift ideas.

You’ve stumbled upon the best one out there, and anyone would be glad to receive a FrontPage Story about them.

If we still have not convinced you to get a story from us, then let us explain a little more about us.

At MyFrontPageStory.com, we write personalized front page-style newspaper keepsakes that are great for any occasion. You get set up with someone from our team of professional journalists, and they will help turn the words you speak into a news-style story.

Depending on the story package you order, you can have up to three people get interviewed for your story.

Want more than three people to have quotes in your story? No worries! We offer the option of filling out an interview form, or having a personalized list of questions sent directly to your email!

And don’t worry. If you have the normal amount of interview subjects for your story, you can still fill out the form or have an email questionnaire sent.

Not one for technology? That’s okay! We still offer phone interviews for those who are for the traditional, or even if you think that your emotions might be better captured with a phone call.

After that, we write the story and send it your way to get your initial thoughts.

If you want to make any changes or remove or add anything, that’s okay! That’s why we want you to be part of the editing process. We want you to get the best story possible, and we want the story to be exactly how you imagined.

From there, if you ordered the newspaper design, we will go ahead and design the story as our traditional newspaper design. If you want to get it printed or want more than just a basic written news story that is perfect for being posted on our website, then we highly suggest this option!

After that, if you ordered our printing and/or our framing, we will go ahead and get it printed and sent out to you after your final approval!

That’s it! It’s as simple as that!

You order and we get right to work, and we work hard to give you the most perfect story for whoever you are getting it written about.

So… now what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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