A great mom who puts her kids first

Jessica Mayfield is a loving mother who makes caring for her children and providing for their success her top priority. 

“Jessica truly puts her children’s success above her own,” her husband, Brandon, said. “She builds them up with her words and actions helping them create confidence that they will have their whole lives.”

Her two children, Olivia and Isaac, are soaking up their mom’s lessons while also learning to be better people by watching her daily example. 

“Olivia and Isaac can see Jessica’s strength, intelligence, perseverance, and playfulness, which she works hard to demonstrate every day,” Brandon said.

Brandon and Jessica met during the summer of 2005 at a BBQ hosted at Brandon and his roommate’s house in Bellingham, WA. She was a friend of Brandon’s roommate’s girlfriend, and he thought she was attractive, funny and kind, so he asked for her phone number. They talked and then went to lunch on their first date at a Greek restaurant in Bellingham, Washington. 

Brandon said he appreciated how funny, outgoing and genuine she was, and when they continued talking after he moved to Texas, he knew she was the one.

 “Being apart from her made me realize how strong a partnership we had developed, and I knew we could navigate both the happy and challenging times,” Brandon said. 

Brandon moved back to Washington, the couple continued dating and got married July 18, 2009, settled down, and made a family. Their family quickly got to work making memories, including playing on the beach in the Bahamas, going to the pumpkin patch, and blueberry picking as a family in Snohomish. 

Olivia said her favorite memory is going to Mukilteo Beach and getting ice cream while exploring for crabs and Isaac’s favorite memory is going to Top Pot for donut dates and sitting down to talk and make jokes. 

Besides being an amazing mother, Jessica works as a Project Management Consultant, after previously working in various roles at Providence Regional Medical Center. She enjoys working out, binge watching shows, reading, knitting, meeting with friends, and spending time with her husband and kids.

Jessica is a hard worker who has compassion for other people, Brandon said, adding that she makes him a better person by helping him see positivity and optimism in people. Her grit and perseverance have helped her to overcome a lot of adversity, while doing it in an admirable way that is a strong example to her children.

“Jessica has taught me that it is important to keep good people in your life,” Brandon said. “A person is not their past. With the right support and self-determination, you can overcome obstacles and challenges you grew up with and make your own path to impact your life and those of future generations.

Jessica is a great mother and wife because she provides for her family while working hard to maintain a stable, safe, and welcoming home. 

“She works every day to be a great mom, and as a wife she is caring, loving, and a supportive partner in navigating our life together,” Brandon said. 

Brandon, Olivia and Isaac said they want to honor Jessica on Mother’s Day because they all love her very much.

“Happy Mother’s Day! We love you and appreciate all that you’ve done for us,” they said.a great mom who puts her kids first

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