‘A legend’: Lynn Haecker’s love and friendship shows in a tight-knit relationship with daughters Peyton, Devyn and Reagen

All bets are off when the Haecker Ladies get together.

Lynn Haecker is “a legend” according to daughters Peyton, Devyn and Reagen and pretty much all of their friends. She has long been their rock of support, but also a trusted friend with a fashion game and sense of humor that always made her home the place to be.

The girls are best friends, and they are close enough that they can laugh and cry together and speak honestly about anything.

None of this is by accident, of course.

Lynn has invested in those relationships and walked the fine line between parent and trusted friend. She raised daughters who benefited from her guidance but also had the freedom to make their own choices. They love her for that, among the many, many other reasons.

“She allowed them to be themselves, be who they are and not feel like they’re compared to anyone else or judged in any way,” her husband Kelly said. “She was able to do that in a very balanced fashion so they respect her and want her involved in their lives.”

Lynn supported her girls without hovering or interfering or intruding, and she created a loving atmosphere with her kids, even in their teenage years, where they WANTED to come to her for guidance or advice or to just hang out.

“She’s just the epitome of a mom that is good at being a perfect mix of gal pal and friend and also being someone we obviously can look up to and come to for advice,” Devyn said.

With Peyton (23) and Devyn (20) out of the house, much of Lynn’s involvement now centers around a colorful “Haecker Ladies” group text that is their best possible substitute for time together. All of their phones get a good workout because, whether they’re near or far, the Haecker Ladies are always a keystroke away.

“That’s one of the ways we stay close,” Reagen (17) said. “It’s really hard when we don’t see each other all together very often, so we’re constantly texting and calling each other throughout the day. Living at home, I still get to talk to her all the time about what’s going on in my life.”

Devyn and Peyton aren’t at home anymore, but they don’t feel any less supported by their mom. They both know that in any time of need, Lynn will be there because that’s what she has done their entire lives.

“She has given me emotional support and literally has just always been there,” Devyn said. “She is consistent and selfless and has a rare ability to empathize. When my house flooded at school earlier this semester, she came out for two weeks and literally handled the entire situation and was ‘MVP Super Mom.’”

“She is very action-oriented and does so well under pressure. She’s just incredible and gives us more support than we could ever imagine,” adds Peyton.

That kind of support has trickled down to daughters who share some of Lynn’s best qualities. By making a genuine connection with all of them and guiding them by example, Lynn unleashed the Haecker Ladies to make the world a better place.

“She genuinely supports what we want to do and be,” Peyton said. “She just really wants us to shine.”

Their tight bond is one of Lynn’s crowning parenting achievements, and for good reason. But she has been just as supportive of Kelly, as they moved frequently early in their marriage and Lynn put a successful career in finance on hold to focus on raising the kids.

She did all of it with faith and a focus on everyone but herself.

“She is always supportive, always encouraging,” Kelly said. “And she’s a rock, tough as nails. Most important, Lynn is a person of great faith in God, and that’s her bedrock through it all.”

For everyone else in the family, Lynn IS the bedrock.

She was far from passive in supporting her kids, and she took on a leadership role in their school community. “It was an investment,” Kelly said, “in our family”.

Lynn kept her involvement at a healthy level that allowed the girls to make mistakes and learn from them without interference.

That role continues to this day as a mentor and friend who would drop anything for Peyton, Devyn and Reagen. And whether it was part of a broader plan or not, what Lynn has accomplished raising her children is nothing short of extraordinary.

They love each other, of course, but they also like each other and are genuinely close.

“I think she’s very proud of that special bond,” Kelly said. “At the end of the day, they just enjoy being together and they enjoy each other’s company.”

That’s where the Haecker Ladies text thread comes into it.

Their closeness has evolved with the distance, but Lynn still finds a way to show up for them whenever they need her.

“Just having moved away to school, she made it very clear that geographically, she was far but would also come at the drop of a hat, whether I was homesick or if something was wrong or if I just wanted a visitor,” Peyton said.

“‘Thank You’ will never be enough, but while going through some tough stuff these past few years, she has literally given me the strength to get up every morning and have the peace of knowing I am loved and that everything is going to be OK when I go to bed at night,” Devyn said. “She gave me life 20 years ago but continues to give me life every day through her outpouring of love and encouragement. I really hope to be half the mom she is one day.”

“Mom, I appreciate you more than I can say,” Reagen added. “Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader and best friend. I am so grateful for your incredible selflessness and unwavering support for your whole family. Love you, mean it.”

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