December 26 through 30 blog posts

candy cane

It’s candy cane time! (National Candy Cane Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

December 26, 2022

At this absolute best time of the year, you may be tired of eating cookies, cakes and other baked goods, but putting a candy cane into a cup of hot chocolate will never disappoint.

December 26 is the National Candy Cane Day, giving us a chance to indulge in the last bit of sweets before the arrival of the New Year.

In the 17th century, candy canes became a representation of shepherds’ crooks; then it began to widespread in the United States in the mid-19th century.

Candy canes are usually made of sugar, peppermint oil and water. If you like a long-lasting refreshing taste in your mouth, you should definitely go for these peppermint candy canes.


cut out snowflake

Let it snow, let it snow (Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

December 27, 2022

Remember wearing pajamas and watching your favorite Netflix show in your bed with a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy morning? On December 27, you can actually create snow inside your house by making paper snowflakes.

There are two versions for the origin of this activity, the first expressing that the cut-out snowflakes came from the concept of an old art origami, which was about folding a piece of paper several times and creating different objects. Another story is called Kirigami, meaning cut off shapes from folded paper.

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day can take you back to your happiest childhood memories of working with glitters, scissors and many art supplies to do craft projects. 

Snow will melt, but your handmade snowflakes will always exist…. Just like our FrontPage Stories. 🙂


call a friend today

My dear friend, how are you doing? (National Call a Friend Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

December 28, 2022

As a lot of people start counting down to the New Year, shuffling through a hectic schedule between work and family, do not forget to get in touch with your friends on December 28, National Call a Friend Day.

In February 2004 Facebook, a social networking platform, was established to offer easier communications between people. With the rapid development of technology, by 2014 sending text messages has turned out to be one of the most popular ways of staying connected to friends.

The growth of the Internet has made us start doing everything online, such as replying to an email or sending a post on social media. In this case, it is very easy to form a barrier that lacks effective communication among one another.

As a result, take advantage of today to make a phone call, voice to voice, with at least one good friend to catch up with each other.


tick tock day

New Year, new you… Are you ready? (Tick Tock Day)

Post by Xiaotong Meng

December 29, 2022

Well, people. Once again, with only three days left until the arrival of the New Year, did you complete all your tasks without any procrastination? It could be making a phone call to your best friend, cleaning the house or making New Year’s cards.

Whatever work you have left, December 29 is Tick Tock Day (no, not that TikTok lol), serving as a reminder for us to achieve the rest of our goals before the year ends.

At the beginning of each year, a lot of people would like to write down their expectations for the upcoming year and what needs to be accomplished. But starting with the busy holiday season all the way back in November, we have put many things aside, yet today is the time to reflect on our responsibilities and keep crossing off our to-do lists.

Life is like a journey, the process is more important than the destination. 

The year of 2022 is coming to an end soon. Take today to wrap up all the work you need to finish… then look back and see how far you have come throughout the year.


chocolate covered peanut butter cups


Post by Xiaotong Meng

December 30, 2022


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