Do You Know Who My Father Is?: Thomas Johnson’s children are happy to say this to people with pride

When people think of Thomas Johnson, they think of a family-oriented man who always puts his kids and grandkids first. But, more importantly, people know Thomas for his faith. He lives by the Jesuit motto, “men for others.”

“He instilled faith in us through our education inside and outside the classroom,” his daughter, Tracie Jones, said on behalf of his five children. “He lives with integrity – do what you say you are going to do. We see it with him as a leader and we see it constantly at every phase in our lives. We have all made what we learned from him our own, leading by example to our communities.”

He is the type of father who his four girls and one boy are glad to be known by. If people ask them if Thomas is their father, they can answer that question with utmost pride.

Thomas has always taught his kids many important things over the years, from the basics – treat others the way you want to be treated – to the firsthand experiences – mix water with good times and always check your ticket date. He has, of course, taught them the importance of having a strong faith, and he has also taught his children the importance of family.

“He is one that, despite when we were younger and having many work events, has always put his family first,” Tracie said. “He loved being our coach, and raising us to be the best fans in baseball. He reminds us that jobs will always be there, but time with family eventually simmers away. He loves cheering on the grandchildren at all events, from field hockey to dance recitals.”

Thomas is always there, and he absolutely adores his nine grandchildren. His time with them is precious, and they love being around Grandpa.

“He is present at everything,” Tracie said. “From the summer at Club Countryside to vacations at BRL, he provides the fun and the games. To our kids, Grandpa is a warm hug on a cold winter day.”

Thomas has always taken care of his own, and he has always made his loved ones his top priority. From hosting holiday gatherings, to being a great marital example to his kids, Thomas is a great example for all those who know him.

Thomas has been married to Etta for over four decades, which has encompassed many road trips across the country.

“Our parents just truly enjoy each other’s company,” Tracie said. “They are best friends who put faith first. They just always have a good time together and there is never a dull moment between them.”

Thomas loves living life with his best friend of over forty years, and not a day goes by that he does not honor and cherish her.

Thomas’s kids are truly thankful for showing them what it means to be a great husband and father over the years, and they are proud to call him their father. They love him more than words can express, and they love how much he cherishes his grandkids.

“Thank you for always picking up the phone and answering our texts and supporting us no matter what. Thank you for always showing us how to have a good time. Overall, thanks for being a man for others.” – ILYTTMAB, IGYB, Berkman; Your loving childrendo you know who my father is

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