Former Engineer is Thriving as Mother and Businesswoman

When Amanda Gamboa made the jump from a comfortable job in engineering to starting her own business, nothing was guaranteed. She and her husband Juan had two young children and an uncertain future.

“It was a scary jump that took a lot of faith and dedication,” Juan said. “She got it done.”

While putting God first in every phase of her life, Amanda worked tirelessly as a mother and as a businesswoman. Now, three years after starting, she is seeing major success and continuing to grow her business while being an amazing wife and mother to 7-year-old Shelby and 5-year-old Colt.

“Her mentality and perspective of always trying to be better is contagious,” Juan said. “She is the lynchpin of our family and we would not be able to operate without her. I admire her consistent drive to become a better Christian woman, wife, and mother every day.”

Amanda and Juan have been married for 10 years. In addition to their beautiful and wild children, the family has two dogs, Diesel (a rottweiler) and Sarge (a German shepherd).

Always willing to sacrifice her own plans or desires for the betterment of the family, Amanda is fierce, loyal, and intelligent. She knows how to take care of others and set them up for success.

“She is my rock,” Juan said. “I know I can depend on her no matter what. She wants the best for me, our marriage, and our parenting. She doesn’t complain and she is willing to pick up the slack where she needs to at any time.”

Her work ethic is evident in her efforts to run a business and keep the house going steady. In addition, Amanda has many hobbies and activities she enjoys while spending time with family and friends: camping, going to concerts, working out, reading her Bible and other books, and attending sporting events.

“We have so many stories with family and friends that come to mind,” Juan said. “I just want Amanda to know that everyone looks forward to hanging out with her because she is the life of the party and always fun to be around.”

Sports played a major part in the beginning of Juan and Amanda’s relationship. The couple met in college at Sacramento State University in Calif., where both were student-athletes. Amanda was on the gymnastics team, while Juan played football for the Hornets. 

Amanda would go to football games with her friends and paint “Juan is #1” on her face every game. Meanwhile, one time while Amanda and the other gymnasts were running stairs during summer training workouts, Juan remembers telling his buddies that Amanda was “a 10.”

The couple went on their first official date trip to Capitola, Calif., in what Juan described as a favorite memory. But it paled in comparison to their wedding day. 

“Our wedding day is still the best day of my life,” Juan said.

The only memories that could possibly compare are the ones that made Amanda and Juan parents. 

“From being in labor with Shelby for 36 hours to me being able to pull Colt out with my own two hands…,” Juan said. “Still the coolest thing I have ever done in my life. Amanda and I have a special bond that cannot be broken.”

This Mother’s Day, Juan wants to remind Amanda just how amazing she is as a loving mother and how great of a team the two of them make as parents. 

“I absolutely love doing life with her and I am truly blessed God put her in my life,” said Juan. “I am proud of the woman, business owner, and mom she has become. I look forward to each and every day because I know she is going to be there with me through everything.


Former Engineer is Thriving as Mother and Businesswoman

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