‘IC… Drive Safe’: Local woman wins mom and wife of the year award

When Paul and Lindsay Geeson met in Mexico back in 2010, they never thought more than a friendship would spark. Now, 11 years and two kids later, Lindsay is the perfect contrast to Paul.

“Before I met her, I was not the most responsible financially,” Paul said. “Now she helps me plan for the future. She makes sure I’m doing the right thing. She’ll think about a financial decision that other people won’t.”

Lindsay is a real estate agent, so she is a financially savvy person. She focuses on the financial decisions for her and her family, which is something that many other people do not do. Paul knows he was one of those other people before they met, but that is why they are a match made in heaven. Lindsay keeps him and his family on the right track.

“She tries to make sure I’m happy,” Paul said. “She looks out for my best interests. She’s always there for me.”

Lindsay is a very caring person who always puts others before herself. Between her husband, her kids, and the rest of her immediate and extended family, Lindsay shows a lot of love to a lot of people. She takes care of her kids immensely, which speaks testaments to who she is as a person.

When Lindsay and Paul were first married, she was not sure if she would ever want kids. Now, she cannot imagine life without them.

“Before having kids, she never thought she would like having a boy,” Paul said. “But she thinks our son is just the greatest thing in the world, but also the same with my daughter. I know she’s grateful for having the kids.”

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Lindsay and Paul have two kids, a daughter, Lauren (3), and a son, Ryan (18 months). She loves her kids and would do anything for them. She takes care of them every day, and after having to work to have kids, she is thankful to have her “mini-me” and her son.

“She gets the kids up every day,” Paul said. “She gets them dressed, feeds them and makes them lunch… She loves having kids and she loves them. She’s a great mom.”

Lindsay is grateful for her kids, and she is grateful for her husband. She helps to plan for their future, and loves being there for them. She loves doing many things to spend time with her family, especially boating and swimming, and just being on the water in general.

Lindsay’s good sense of humor and ability to nurture and care makes her stick out from the crowd. Two phrases she uses helps Paul know that all is good no matter what is going on.

When she says “IC” in a text, Paul knows that she is not interested in talking about what he is talking about. At the same time, she always texts him “Drive safe” when he goes anywhere, even though he says he would not drive any other way.

Paul might roll his eyes at these two phrases once in a while, but he would not change it for the world. He knows these are her ways of acknowledging what is going on and showing how much she cares about him.

Paul loves his wife and how caring she is, not just for him and the kids but also her siblings, parents and everyone in between. He and the kids want Lindsay to know how good of a wife and mother she is, and they want to wish her a happy belated birthday.

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