Pioneering The Future: With LifeAire Systems’ technology, the future is looking a lot more hopeful and healthy

LifeAire Systems is making leaps and bounds in the world of healthcare.

Their innovations have helped to make a large impact during one of the most trying times in recent memory.

Since the coronavirus entered the US back in late 2019, LifeAire has stepped right in and worked hard to make a difference, and they certainly have. They have found ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in buildings, and that is why LifeAire Systems has been recognized as LeadingAge PA’s 2022 Distinguished Service Award winner for Outstanding Business Partner!

LifeAire works with developing medical grade air purity in places like IVF and cell research environments, as well as arenas, hospitals and long-term care communities. They have always had a lot of success with their state-of-the-art air purification systems, but they have never had a task quite this daunting.

With little to work off of, however, LifeAire has discovered a way to create a very successful air purification system to combat COVID-19. They are hoping that this technology will continue to find success and help everyone across the board prevent the spread of COVID-19 in high-volume buildings.

This is all prospective, however, as they are still in the early stages of testing, albeit they are in the later stages of development.

According to the LifeAire website, the data from a recent 15-month “real-world” study at Phoebe Allentown Health Care Center, a member of LeadingAge PA, is more than promising. With an 89.1 percent reduction in airborne pathogens, a 90.2 percent reduction in volatile organic compounds, an 88.9 percent reduction in surface pathogens, a 39.6 percent reduction in facility-acquired infections and a 47 percent reduction in staff call-offs.

With numbers like these, it is easy to see why people are very excited and optimistic about this technology developed by LifeAire.

“I was so impressed by LifeAire and Dr. Katy Worrilow,” Sue Schlener, executive director of Phoebe Allentown, said. “Their immediate focus was to understand our senior community and defer to our needs.”

One of the things that makes LifeAire Systems stick out as a company is the fact that they are not worried about making a quick buck. They truly care about the people and the companies they are working alongside, and they work together to make sure the needs of these companies are met.

LifeAire always finds a solution to any issue that arises, and Schlener will tell you they do not have a single regret about installing this innovative technology in their buildings.

 “This system is truly a game-changer for the health and well-being of seniors who live in congregant settings, and the overall operations of any skilled nursing health care center,” Schlener said. “The Phoebe staff, including the leadership team, were blown away by the outcomes of the research.”

If it were up to Schlener, every long-term care community would probably have one of these systems installed in all of their buildings, as it seems to be more than effective.

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The thing is, LifeAire’s systems do not just work against COVID-19 either. It fights many other pathogens and bacteria, and this all-in-one sort of technology makes the fight for a better future a much more winnable fight.

“In addition to killing COVID, we kill the flu,” Erik Marsh, LifeAire’s vice president of business development, said, according to an April 9 article published by The Morning Call. “This will not only provide pure air for the passengers, but it’ll also help provide pure air for the employees in the airport, which in turn should reduce sickness over time; the number of people that call out.”

LifeAire is not selling their technology short, as they are moving from senior care communities and hospitals to the Lehigh-Northampton Airport next year. They hope this is just the beginning, as their technology is groundbreaking and can truly make a difference when it comes to this pandemic.

LifeAire’s main focus has always been in the medical fields as well as on seniors, but they are now being asked to expand.

“We had been approached by several different markets that we were not a part of,” Marsh said. “It was doctor’s offices – specific to their common areas – and dentist offices. There was just a tremendous influx of interest after COVID-19.”

That is not all that surprising, either, as COVID-19 has been a world-changing virus that has caused a ripple effect across the globe, but thanks to companies like LifeAire, things can hopefully become a little more bearable.

“We also were looking for a product that was going to be effective against a whole multitude of airborne pathogens and also not just dealing with the airborne environment, but also reducing surface pathogens, and certainly there are a lot of touch points as you move through the TSA checkpoint at an airport,” Executive Director Tom Stoudt said in that same article.

LifeAire’s mission is clear and simple, and it is something that many people can respect. They want to make the biggest difference they can possibly make, and they want to help prevent people from getting sick.

With the success they have already had and with the direction they seem to be going in, there is not much that LifeAire Systems is not capable of doing, and they are certainly deserving of the Outstanding Business Partner award.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by LeadingAge PA for this award,” LifeAire CEO and founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, said, according to LifeAire Systems. “Consistent with our mission of enabling healthcare leadership to bring the best quality care to their patients and residents, the milestone that Sue and her team at Phoebe Allentown helped us all achieve represents a pioneering move toward raising the quality of care by providing a level of air purity to long term care residents, guests and staff that has not been realized to date. We extend our gratitude to Sue and her entire team for introducing our technology to their facility and continuing their mission of providing the highest level of care and excellence.”

Winning this award would not have been possible had Schlener and Phoebe Allentown Health Care Center not stepped in and taken a chance on LifeAire Systems, but more than that the award speaks to the greatness of LifeAire’s company and commitment to everyone.

Congratulations!pioneering the future

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