Love & Dedication: Kate is relentless in the way she loves and supports her family and always puts her kids first

The first time Justin saw Kate, it wasn’t quite fate, but it was definitely unforgettable. 

Justin remembers turning a corner outside a friend’s house and being stunned by the site of Kate in a gold bikini. As impressed as he was by the visual, Justin talked to Kate and found they were in different places in their lives, so little came of that first encounter.

They went about their lives for six years until their next run-in, which, again, stopped Justin in his tracks. This time, it was at her parents’ establishment, TC’s Pub, and Justin would swear that time literally stood still when he saw her again. Six years after the gold bikini, Justin fell for Kate all over again.

“One day, we ran into each other there and it was instantaneous,” Justin said. “We just fell in love again. I think it was just better timing. If we had gotten together earlier, I think things would have been different. I think fate just brought us together at the right time.”

Justin isn’t pining for the six years that got away, and instead he counts his blessings that it all came together and took them down the path to where they are today. 

They’re in their eighth year of a happy marriage with two kids, Boston (6) and Tempe (2), along with Justin’s daughters, Mariah (14) and Brooklyn (10). Kate works hard as an aesthetician and is also the force that keeps the whole family together, which she does through relentless dedication to Justin and the kids.

“She’s a hard worker, both at home and at work, but her dedication to what she does and who she is, just can’t be touched,” Justin said. “She loves with every fiber of her being. She just loves like hell, and she tries to spread it to everybody she’s around.”

When it comes to the kids, Kate leads them with that same passion and treats all of them equally, including Mariah and Brooklyn. She makes it clear that, whether in times of support or when discipline might be required, her No. 1 goal is to help them be successful.

The kids always come first, and Kate uses whatever time she might have left to enjoy quiet time at home, read a book or meditate. She and Justin consider their family their No. 1 passion in life, so spending time together is always at the top of the to-do list.

“She does everything in her power to make them the best people they can be,” Justin said. “She guides them, leads them, teaches them, and just loves them with everything she can. That was kind of our goal when we were going to have kids, to show them love we want them to grow up with. She is easily the leader in that category.”

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Kate is the leader in a lot of categories, but especially with that kind of relentless love she shows to Justin and the kids at all times. She builds all of them up and makes them comfortable to be who they are while also encouraging them to always strive for more.

That role is vital to the family, and Justin is grateful for Kate’s willingness to play it. He knows he is a better person and the family is a better unit because of all the hard work and incredible dedication she shares with them.

“I appreciate her and can’t thank her enough for the wife and the mom she is and for being my best friend,” Justin said. “I know I don’t tell her that enough, but it’s 100 percent true. I love her, always and eternity, I promise.”

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