‘Love & Support’: Christina Duprat brings out the best in Alan and spreads love and positivity everywhere she goes

Fate had a funny way of reintroducing itself to Alan and Christina Duprat. They first met at his brother’s workplace, then went their own ways for about a decade and reconnected when they found out, of all things, that their moms were bowling buddies on the same league team.

Alan reached out to Christina through Facebook and started to find those connections. They were funny at first, but then started to feel a little bit like how their love was supposed to unfold. It all felt oddly perfect to bring back those old memories and had Alan thinking about a future.

“It kind of seemed to fit,” Alan said. “It seemed to match. From the Halloween I first messaged her, we reconnected and it felt like we were meant to be. We decided to tie the knot, and here we are three years later.”

Alan and Christina were on a fast track toward marriage from the jump because they had that history together and a chemistry that was undeniable. The next chapter of their love felt so natural that they figured, why wait? 

And on Christina’s end, she also recognized that Alan’s mother was ill, and she had the idea to get married and uplift her spirits. 

“She thought, ‘Let’s get married and spread more joy and love to our families so our mothers can see and be a part of that,'” Alan said. “Here we are now, and my mom is happy and healthy, so that’s a positive.”

Alan can think of countless examples just like that one of Christina’s kind acts and how they impact people all around her. All she wants, Alan says, is to be mindful of other people and be a positive force in the world. He feels that all the time at home with the way Christian supports him and his career, even when it means working long hours as he moves up the chain at Nexen Chemicals.

Alan feels good about himself there and good about where his career is going. He also enjoys making his way around the work site and getting reminders about his brother, who passed away from cancer, and where it all began with Christina. That’s where they met and the seed was planted that ultimately brought them together.

Alan is doing as well as ever in his career, his life and his family, and he has Christina to thank for so much of it. Her support brings out the best in him and makes their family complete.

“The love and support and the confidence she’s had in me since she met me, it hasn’t gone unnoticed,” he said. “I’m very grateful and thankful for it, and I don’t take it for granted. From the bottom of my heart, I love her and want to make her happy.”

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