‘Love Is Patient’: Michelle and Dave had to wait to find each other, but everything about the wait was worth it

Love has a funny way of working itself out.

Back in 2018, both Dave and Michelle were looking for a connection and a spark, and that happened pretty much the moment they met one another on eHarmony. For Dave in particular, there was just something completely different about Michelle’s demeanor, and he knew he had to pursue her.

Boy was he right in doing so.

“My wife is by far the most inspiring person I have ever met in my life,” Dave said. “I work in the people business and have interacted with thousands of people in my career, but none have inspired me the way Michelle has. She is tough as nails and a country girl. When we met, it was immediate. We fell for each other right away.”

And they have not looked back since. They got married in 2019, Dave officially adopted Michelle’s son Jake in 2020 and they had their daughter Madelyn in 2021.

This is quite the timeline of events, and each of these events was made immensely more special to Dave because of who he gets to go through life with. He is grateful for Michelle, and he could not imagine having anyone better than her to call his wife.

“Michelle means everything to me,” Dave said. “We got married later in life; we had children later in life; we were both the last ones in our groups of friends to get married. However, I think we both found that the longer you wait to find the right person, the more worthwhile that wait becomes.”

Dave knows that Michelle is the perfect woman, and he is glad the patience for both of them paid off. They complete each other, and he loves their little family.

“She makes me a better person,” Dave said. “She makes me complete. She puts up with me. I can finally say I have met my best friend and my soulmate. Having her by my side for life is just awesome.”

Michelle brings so much joy and love into Dave’s life, and he loves so many things about her. She is someone who is constantly teaching him new things each and every day, and she truly helps him be a better husband, a better father and a better man just by being her.

“She teaches me patience and understanding,” Dave said. “She reminds me what it means to stay positive and to focus on what you have, not what you may have lost. She also taught me what the true meaning of life is about: family. You’ve got nothing without it.”

Michelle is not one to dwell on the past, as she knows that all you can control is the future. She is also a very family-oriented person. She would do anything for her family, and she will always make sure they are taken care of.

At the same time, she is also someone who anyone can count on.

“I admire her giving personality, her never quit attitude and her always being there for those in need,” Dave said. “She is a caring and understanding wife who treats her husband and kids perfectly. She understands her husband and is an amazing communicator. She listens, advises and gives 100 percent all the time.

“Her eternal optimistic view on life keeps our family motivated and moving forward. She is funny, lively, always smiling and always laughing. She is the cutest woman in the world and I think she has the cutest nose.”

On top of being a great friend and family member, Michelle is also the epitome of hard work. She is a first-grade teacher who loves her career.  She continues to excel year over year and loves working with the children. 

Whether she is taking care of her students or taking care of her kids at home, Michelle is always putting forth maximum effort. She loves hard and she has compassion unlike any other.

She is truly giving and has a great, big heart, and she is appreciated for all she does. Michelle is a special woman who deserves to be recognized each and every day. Dave, Jake and Madelyn all love her, and they know they would not be the same without Michelle.

“I love her more than life itself. I am so honored and blessed that she and Jake came into my life at the same time – I got a two for one deal. To allow and have the trust in me to adopt Jake and raise him as my son is the greatest gift. And to give birth to our baby girl Maddie has completed our family even more. Thank you for always being by my side and holding my hand when I need it.” – Davelove is patient

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