Mom Knows Best: If you listen to Sylvia Downing, you will probably be much better off than if you don’t

Known by many for her amazing crocheting skills, Sylvia Downing is much more than someone who will make you handmade blankets and scrubbies.

Her husband, kids, grandkids and great grandkids get to see what a wonderful woman Sylvia is on a daily basis, and there is not a negative word that comes out of any of their mouths when talking about her.

“She’s a very loving and giving person, but also one to make sure you behave and stay out of trouble,” her son Jason said. “She’s the type of person that would do anything for anyone and help anyone that needs something, even if it meant she did without it.”

Sylvia is a very selfless person who is always worried about others well before she is worried about herself, and she truly wants to bring out the good in everyone. She has always been one that wants to make sure you always show your good side, because if you show your bad side, you can be sure Sylvia is going to give you crap for it.

“Mom will defend you to the end if she thinks you’re right, but also will be the first to give you HELL if you’re wrong!! And whatever you do, don’t lie to her because she HATES it!!  She also has a way of guilting you into doing the right thing,” her daughter Amy said.

Sylvia is a wonderful person to be around, but if you are dishonest with her, she is going to make you regret it.

Somehow, someway she always finds a way of making everyone do the right thing, and maybe that is because she makes you feel remorse when you do the wrong thing.

Or maybe it’s because she is just so genuine and cares so much about everyone that it automatically makes you want to be a good person. Regardless, whatever it is she is doing, it’s certainly working.

“She gets involved and helps everyone and everything,” her son Mike said. “She has always been the backbone of the family. She taught me right from wrong. She goes out of her way for everyone, and she always sees the good in all people.”

Sylvia knows that everyone has at least a little bit of good in their hearts, and she has spent her entire life seeing the silver lining in everything.

She has also spent a lifetime being a family-oriented person who would do anything for anyone that she loves, and her children appreciate all they have been fortunate enough to learn and grow from because of the mother they have.

“My mom means love and family to me!! She always put me and my brothers first, even in front of her own needs and wants,” Amy said. “There were homemade meals around the table every night, she was a taxi driver to and from sports and our biggest fan at the games, and the best run-to-the-mall shopping buddy.”

Sylvia has always been there for her three children, remaining in their corner through thick and thin. She cares so much about them, and she has always had a sense of compassion for her kids that differs from her compassion for others.

“Mom is always one to worry about everyone’s well-being, but also proud of everyone and never one to miss any occasions involving any of the kids, grandkids or great-grandchildren,” Jason said.

From the moment her kids were old enough to participate in school activities to the time her grandkids were involved in activities, Sylvia has always shown up. She has been their biggest cheerleader throughout the years, and she will be one when her great grandkids grow old enough to participate in activities.

“My mom never missed one of their t-ball, baseball or volleyball games, school programs, birthdays, graduations or even a broken bone or heart,” Amy said. “She’s always there for them… just like a mom!! My kids talk and laugh about things at grandma’s house, how she has the ‘BEST’ snacks, how she always tries to feed them and how it wouldn’t be a holiday unless grandma burns the rolls!!”

The memories with Sylvia are endless, and her children and grandchildren know they will continue to create many more special memories with her, and that the great-grandbabies will have lots of special moments to look back on as well.

Sylvia has always held a special place in her heart for her grandkids that is somehow even greater than the one her kids have always held in her heart, and Jason, Amy and Mike know that she has an even more special place in her heart for the great-grandchildren.

“They are her pride and joy, her whole heart!! My mom and dad used to drive to Illinois, eight hours one way, at least one weekend a month, for four years to see and spend time with my kids!! And of course, being a giver she always brought toys, clothes and grandma sewn power ranger and barney Halloween costumes…even if they didn’t need them,” Amy said.

She has just always had a special bond with Ian, Payton, Aaron, Bella and Maggie, and nothing is ever going to replace that.

Sylvia has just always been a model of love and has always had a family-first mentality, and she has taught her family so many important life lessons.

“She’s taught me to help other people when in need, to not quit or give up on things and always working hard and being there for my kids,” Jason said.

Sylvia loves her family and she is a very sociable person who loves to be around others, and she is a true friend to many people. She has always held her friends close and has shown her family what true friendship means.

“Remember, you are what you hang out with; do unto others as you want others to do unto you,” she will always tell her family.

Sylvia is so full of love and joy, and she is such a great person to be around. Everyone who knows her is glad they do, and her kids in particular are super appreciative of Sylvia. They know they would not be the people they are today without having Sylvia as their mom, raising them up the right way.

“You were always there when we needed you and disciplined us when we deserved it. You went above and beyond for us and anyone that you felt needed it. We love you so very much and are proud you call you Mom” Mike, Amy and Jason mom knows best

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