‘Our Hero’: Jennifer is the love of Josh’s life and number one hero

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, the best ones come with long hair and have the alias of “mom.”

This fact reigns especially true when you are talking about Jennifer Pepin.

When her husband Josh was asked about what makes her the hero of the family, he had nothing but positive things to say. He respects his wife, and he truly views her as the heart and soul that helps keep their family functioning.

“She notices everything, and she always has a plan for everything,” Josh said. “She reads all the information we get from our kids’ schools. In fact, she reads all the information about everything! She’s the backbone of how we plan out our time together. Tasks that are really important, she will take care of.”

By day, Jennifer is a consulting professional. By night she is a loving wife, a loving mother, a loving daughter, and just an all-around great person.

When it comes to her children, she is always making sure they have everything they need. She is a hands-on mother who is always taking care of them. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed – and even way past that – Jennifer is doing things to make sure they feel loved and are always comfortable.

“She has put her kids’ lives as her top priority over her career,” Josh said. “We had time to make career our top priority, but now she has shifted that and will drop her own career and her own interests to put her kids first. At night, she winds up tucking them in. She also checks on them later on when we go to bed, making sure their blankets have not fallen off. Without fail, she puts our two kids as our top priority.”

Talk about devotion.

Jennifer truly loves her kids more than anything, and the love and dedication she shows toward them is something that Josh is constantly in awe of. He has never seen someone notice and love their kids the way his wife loves their kids, and he is grateful they get to grow up with such a devoted mother in their corner.

“I’m so proud of the loving and giving mother that Jen has become,” her mom, Kathie, said. “She loves without strings attached. She has compassion for her children in difficult and also fabulously fun situations. She has expectations for her children for good behavior and not so good behavior, and through it all, the love in her children’s eyes tell the story. She is a beautiful mom.”

On top of being a loving and caring wife, mother and hero to her own family, Jennifer is also there for everyone around her. She cares deeply about the rest of her family – particularly her parents.

“What makes her who she is is how she expresses love,” Josh said. “When all else fails, she is there with a thought on what to do. She has a planful eye toward her parents. She is just truly a hero and the heart and soul of everyone around her.”

Jennifer also has a certain selflessness that helps sets her above the rest. At work, she is constantly helping her coworkers grow and succeed in their job. She puts so much time and effort into helping them out, and she is certainly appreciated for the difference she makes in many of her coworkers’ lives.

At home, she is constantly paying attention to her husband. No matter what is going on, she is always there for Josh, listening to him. She notices him for his quirks and all, even when he does not notice them. She notices everything, and that’s how she shows love.

“Jen and Josh have a very loving marriage,” Kathie said. “They are always supportive of each other, even when life gets tricky. Jen is a good listener and gives Josh the support he needs for work, family and friends. She loves to cook for her family, make a beautiful home and in turn, lets Josh know how important he is to her.”

“We’re a marriage of equals,” he said. “We’re democratic about how we do everything. We split domestic responsibilities 50/50. She is someone who, as a partner, notices everything I do. I can’t get anything by her!”

Talk about a partnership of equals. There is nothing that Jennifer would not do for her husband, and vice versa.

Josh is a proud husband and a grateful father to have someone like Jennifer in his kids’ lives, and he is looking forward to spending many more years with the love of his life.

“She is our hero — and our heart and soul — and her family loves her more than anything else in life.” – Joshour hero

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